Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Tooth

My oldest baby is 6. He's the GI Joe birthday party dictator from past posts. Well, a few weeks ago he says a kid knocked his tooth loose by looking at it too hard.

I think either he knows that kid from Twilight Zone Movie or it was just time for that first baby tooth to hit the bricks. 

So loose teeth fall out but not as quick as you think they will. 

When he told me about the loose tooth, I hit the internet, firstly Facebook because of course I did. I asked everyone what the going rate for a tooth is these days, which turns out isn't that much more than when I was popping out teeth. Either that or I have stingy friends.

And then I hit the next logical place of Internet trouble, Pinterest. 

And then I got distracted looking at diy boards because Pinterest.

That was two weeks ago. 

Today I get an email from one of the room moms that it happened. He lost his tooth at school!

Finally!!!! I was starting to worry he would choke on it in his sleep and all those other first time mom anxieties that still pop up on these first time things.

And then I got distracted. 

But tonight just before bedtime I hit to Pinterest because what kind of mother do I look like if I don't Pinterest the crap out of the tooth fairy thing????????

Also because Jack thinks that the tooth fairy is a man. 

I'm trying to shave off some years of his future therapy needs, you know? 

So I Pinterest. 20 minutes before bedtime.

It's pretty clear that I 

Have lost



And so I decided to stop.

I will not Pinterest this. (Even though I do really like that pillow with the mouth diagram on etsy that I might still buy. 
 I'll just put this here in case you decide that you need one too.)

You're welcome. 

Pinterest is awesome but sometimes it's too much. Jack is happy with a ziplock bag and a super cute note to the "Toth Fare".

That's all I need to do. 

And paint the dollar (okay, $5) with sparkly crap. 

Done deal.

Denying Pinterest. Is that too hipster of me? 

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