Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The fans.

"The world used us as an excuse to go mad." --  George Harrison
As a Beatle fan, I do understand that I am prone to screaming and ear pulling at every mention of the Fab Four. Perhaps this is why Beatle girls (and occasionally boys) in full on mania are my fave.

It must be because I look at these fools and I think, "Don't they know they look ridiculous?! The Beatles would never pick you. I would never scream like that. Fools." But I so would. I do. I mean, Beatle Rock Band comes out and here's me. 
Maybe it's that there are crazy people out there. And I relate to them. I embrace them. 
Like the fans from this clip of  The Beatles First US Visit . Beginning at about 4:30, my ladies roll into view
At least the fans in London, those ladies got to hang outside of Paul McCartney's house and get stuff signed. 
Or they went down the block to Abbey Road Studios and hung out there. 

The hard(corps) even got their own nickname. "Apple Scruffs". I would've been one of those ladies. Hear you me. So awesome were they, two of them were invited in to sing on Across The Universe (which John saw as a passive-aggressive attack by Paul to sabotage his song) though that version was never released on a Beatle record. And George Harrison wrote a little song for them. 
And I'm not the only one. Zemeckis made a whole movie about it (and it is HILARIOUS! fyi) 

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

And I just found this. I'm not sure what it is, what it means, but it looks exactly like something I must investigate further.

So my little Beatle Droogs, I am not alone. Don't mock me. 


Detta said...

I never understood the ear pulling thing,but i guess it was probably a reaction to all the damn screaming.which i am not proud to admit that had i been there,i would have probably been one of the loudest,hahaha.

Amy said...

I figure the ear pulling must be an automatic response to "Oh my god, the friggin' Beatles!!! I just wet my shorts!". Maybe. But I will tell you I did a little of the drama, the weak knees, the ear pulling bit when I saw Sean Lennon. He's yummy. <3