Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Jumper

These posts are becoming increasingly boring. I realize this. So here's another, worse than the last. You can thank me later.

So you must all know that I sew. And rhyme but that's a different post. And that I have two boys. 

Well, Wally and The Beav want nothing doing with anything cute I want to sew them and this almost makes me feel like I'm not done breeding. But then one kid kicks the other kid and the screaming starts and I have to put my referee gear on and then I'm brought back to life. Back to reality. (If you're now singing, you and I are bests).

I'm probably stuck in a house of boys and smells and farts and urine. Forever.

So when any lady friend of mine has a girl with a birthday, IT IS ON 

So, my cousin (in-law if you're a stickler) has a little girl who just turned a year old and so, well, I don't have to tell you what's up. 


So I picked out this super cute pattern online and got to going. I asked my cous-in-law what colors she likes and she told me hot pink and light blue. I had this perfect hot pink fabric all ready to go but this super adorable vintage fabric that my friend Becky sent me from her grandma- it kept yelling at me that it was a perfect match for the pattern.

I don't dare argue with fabrics. 


So cutting out and taping together I went. The worst part of making an outfit.

If I could hire someone to do this part for me I'd be giggly.

Step one: straps. 

Times 4. 

Some other sewing that I didn't get a picture of. 

Tag in.

More sewing and the top is together. 

And hobbit toes. I promise that I get them pedicured. I also promise all of these shots of the green toenails are the same pedicure job and I haven't renewed its subscription in about 6 months. (I will not say no to a gift certificate to a nice pedi place. *cough *cough)

Anyway, back to it. 

The bottoms.

Bottoms attached with elastic and everything. 

And then I cut the legs up a couple of inches because it looked really long to me. I don't really have reference but I held it up to my two year old for the 1/5 of a second that he was still and it looked long on him, I can't imagine what it would look like on a one year old. Well, I could and I wanted it shorter. So shorter it went. And then I put the edgings on the legs.

And then the crotch snaps went in, which by the way is a ridiculous name that I feel like I made up but I didn't. See in that last picture? I sewed ribbon in on the inside of the fabric so the snaps had some support, otherwise they'll rip straight through. 

And voila! 

The most time consuming part of this whole thing was cutting the pattern. I got this done in less than a day if you take out all the interruptions the kids threw at me.

Not too shabby. 

Here's the link to the jumper pattern if you want to sew it, too!!! 

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