Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Yo Joe! Piñata part 2

Remember this thing? This homemade piñata by my own hands? 

that was supposed to look like this thing? 

Well, now we're going to cover it. Give yourself about a year and a half to complete this ridiculous task. 

I bought that crepe paper streamer stuff from Party City pretty cheap 

and then I cut it into manageable strips, fringed it and then glued it on. Piece by piece. If there is a quicker way, I don't know it. 

Now, I feel like I need to stop you here and let you learn from my mistakes. I thought I could cut corners by not painting it underneath. Hahah. I didn't realize that when the wind blew it you could see all the brown box under the fringe. You live you learn, am I right? Anyway, hours later...


Oh! Look in this picture, see the box under there? How embarrassing. Like looking under a Scotsman's kilt. 

So I got smart for the front and used shiny duct tape (or is it "duck" now?? I'm so not hip) for the mask part and glued strips flat down to the rest to cover the brown color of the box before I got down to fringing.


Oh, and by the way, I did the back first and then the sides and then the front. I don't know if this is the right way, but that's what this amateur did and the 6 year olds that beat it to crap couldn't have cared less so that might've been a good way, I don't care. You might. 

Anyway, I put the dark blue fringes first,

That took FOREVER. 

Then I did the light blue, then the white and then I used that milar shiny fringy icicle stuff at Party City for the face mask and viola!

Not bad if you ask humble ol' me. 

It held up through quite the punch 

But in the end all my hard work and sweat and tears were reduced to a pile of rubble in mere minutes by a group of 6 year olds with a bat. 

Story of my life, really. 

RIP Cobra Commander. 


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