Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sam Taylor-Wood

Sam Taylor-Wood caught my eye recently. She's directed a film called Nowhere Boy which chronicles the beginnings of John Lennon

It premiered at Cannes in May 2009 and it will close the London Film Festival the 29th of October, I believe. No word on when it will show in the States, but when it does, I am SO there. Here's the trailer.

It really looks interesting. It was based on Julia Baird's (John Lennon's half-sister) memoirs or something and I've heard that Paul McCartney has seen it and said that it didn't really happen exactly like that. Although, he seems to say that about everything... And Julia Baird, she didn't really grow up with John and so she wouldn't have known some of this stuff. Regardless, it looks like something I must see. And it looks visually enticing. Truth be told, it also doesn't bother me that Lennon's eyes weren't blue or that McCartney was a bit chubbier than portrayed - things that seem to be bothering Beatle-buffs. It looks to be a more artistic film to the likes of Control anyway, ya know?

It stars:

Aaron Johnson as John Lennon

Thomas Sangster as Paul McCartney

Kristin Scott Thomas as Mimi Smith

and Anne-Marie Duff as Julia Lennon

So YAY!!! On that.

Who knows why I do what it is that I do, but I began obsessively trying to learn more about Sam Taylor-Wood, Director of this film. I found out that she's kind of awesome. I also found out, according to this article in the, she's also a cancer survivor. Dude, I hate cancer!

Sam is an artist, a conceptual one and she reminds me a lot of Yoko Ono. And she sings! ... That's really true. She's all BFFy with the Pet Shop Boys and sings on "Je t'aime... moi non plus" and "Love To Love You Baby". She also directed that Elton John video with Robert Downey Jr. lip syncing, you know the one.

Here's one of her photos. It's called Bram Stoker's Chair II. Check out more of her work at the White Cube website here and I've also linked to it below.

Sam Taylor-Wood also has some films happening on the YouTubes.

This one is called Breach.

And this is David Beckham Sleeping. (Read the BBC article on it here. Way interesting.)

Oh, you want to see some Pet Shop Boys and singing?.. Okay.

I think I totally want to be her.

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