Monday, November 2, 2009

Match Game, anyone?

You know what sounds good right now (at 10 am on a Monday)? A martini, a cigarette and some sexual innuendo. Since I'm not Brett Somers, I'll just sit here with my coffee and dream, maybe laughing and hitting Charles Nelson Reilly who happens to really be the couch cushion to my left with a card that doesn't even exist outside my crazy.

What was it about the 60s and 70s that made drunk funny? It was swanky, it was cool. It was also HILARIOUS!

Now we know that all those fun times led to not so fun alcoholism and lung cancer, but there was a time when life just wasn't so serious. And it was very yellow and orange and olive green!

And then there was Richard Dawson.... (sigh)

Match Game. The coolest show on television. Still. And they would drink and smoke during the show! They would inappropriately grope each other. They would make rude jokes. They had cocktail lunches! Man that's cool!

And DUDE I want the "Brett Somers Fan Club" sweater. Staff that I don't have, get on that!


So many funny peeps sat in on that show. But my faves are:

Once Richard Dawson left the show in 1978,  and also the changing the set from awesome!Orange to dull blue and grey, blech with some kind of Confederate flag looking pattern at the back of the panelists, it lost spunk for me.

I want to live my life forever on the set of Match Game '76. I like the days of Brett and Gene Rayburn joking (...?) about taking each other to a motel in Encino. I like Charles being pretty outwardly gay for the '70s. I like. I like it all.

Match Game Wallpaper Factory
Match Game Facebook Page

Oh, and you know what I want for Christmas?

A Brett Somers Fan Club Shirt....


Kelli said...

I love Match Game. I am a huge Brett fan! I record it everyday and laugh as I eat breakfast. Here's one from last week:
"The king lost the key to the queen's chastity belt. So, he picked it with his blank"

Amy said...

Kelli! You just made my day!!!! Hahaha.

And I said "Crown, Gene"

Anonymous said...

Where did you get these pictures? Specifically, the picture of john, george, and paul in high school. None of your pictures have citations as to where you found them. I am dying to find the original location of that john, paul and george picture so I can purchase it.

Amy said...

I'm not sure off the top of my head which pic you're referring to, but I got them all off Google image search.