Monday, July 14, 2014

The Coffee Sack Situation.

My husband, Ward Cleaver works as your typical Don Draper account getter for a local coffee roaster here in good ol' Los Angeles.

Ward working very hard.

He really does work hard and can make stuff like this which is pretty awesome.

Follow him on twitter. I don't know his instagram name.

And because he works at a roaster, they have all kinds of coffee sacks. So Ward, probably trying to save himself some money on my fabric collecting obsession, brought a bunch of used coffee sacks home and dropped them right on the living floor saying "Make me a messenger bag, woman" or something similar
I'm not kidding when I say a bunch of coffee sacks.
So I did.

In construction. Ignore my foot.
Finished bag! Ignore my mess.

I am SO in love with this bag!!! I'm not so in love with the four sewing machine needles it broke or the RIDICULOUS mess the jute/burlap makes all over my floor, in my eyes, clogging up my machine, but it is so worth it, because LOOK AT THAT BAG!!! !

Like a lot of things, I got myself all worked into a tizzy about this and well, bags have been made.

Some arty shot that g+ made.
vs my arty shot. No contest.
 Call me up for your annual family Christmas picture.

Exhibit A
Exhibit B
So I've got some to sell. These are on etsy right now and there will be many more to come I'm sure. Also I'm thinking of getting into the wallet game. And some kind of Pinteresty bunting maybe. (probably not).

Etsy shop link is here and the link to each bag is under the picture.





Bio Latina

 OOH! Christmas stockings!

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