Friday, February 7, 2014

GI Joe Party- the food

If you've been keeping up with the narrative of this GI Joe party business, then you'll remember the video game truck pizza party the same day that threw a major wrench into my whole planning.(is that the saying? I feel like I sound like Ricky Ricardo right now). Mostly because I didn't even want to think about food so we were going to order pizza and be done with it. Then comes this other invite in the mail addressed to the same exact kids I hadn't gotten around to inviting to our party yet saying VIDEO GAME TRUCK!!! AND PIZZZAAAAA!!

So in came the brainstorm. I have a friend that was in the Navy so I frantically texted her what they ate in the Navy. Basically it's like school lunches sounds like and it sounds kind of gross but then also MREs which I had to look up because I thought she misspelled McDonalds. 

MREs. This is what google imaged me. "So why couldn't I make my own on a brown paper sack????" said that part of my brain that doesn't understand that Pinterest isn't what real people do. 

Hahah. BUT! 

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, right????? What kid doesn't like peanut butter sandwiches?? Except my kid who doesn't like jelly so peanut butter only sandwiches too!! 

Wrapped in wax paper with GI Joe stickers keeping them closed

Cammo yarn for peanut butter only

Red baker's twine for pb&j

Ahhh! I was so proud of them! "Eat it, Pinterest!" I was heard to smirk. And then no one ate them :(  


But my sister-in-law made these super cute cammoflauge cupcakes 

and grenade looking cake pops. 

Those were both were gone in minutes. Oh! And my friend, Danica made cookies that were gone before I ever opened the bag I think so I didn't even get pictures of those. 

And my sandwiches cried lonely tears. Don't take it personally, sandwiches. 

I ate those sandwiches. I ate those sandwiches for DAAYYYYYYSSSSS

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