Monday, February 3, 2014

Yo Joe - Piñata Version. (Second try)

The party.  Part 1: The Piñata.

Okay. Let me first start this post off with my anger that I wrote an ENTIRE post about the piñata with funnies and pictures of Uncle Joey a week ago and when I went to publish it, it disappeared and never came back and I'm still not fully healed. Thank you for the scars, blogger app. 

Okay. Deep breaths. Let's try this again. Here's how I built a piñata from scratch (scratch equals a couple diaper boxes, a box cutter, painter's tape, decorating stuff, swearing, and some sweet drawing skillz). See below. 

This is where I started. I hand drew what was supposed to look like Cobra Commander 

but turned into some Flying Nun looking nonsense 

so shut up 'cause just shut up. I'm not paying $40 a pop for a piñata at Party City. Also, my weird kid wanted an 80's GI Joe party and that crap ain't at any Party City I went to. 

Cutting it out (I think this is where I put the Uncle Joey thing because lol. I DID find my Valentine's cards for this year though)

I'll be pulling all the fine dudes with those, boy. 

And this is the point I want to warn you that if you're cutting this out on your own floor, put something underneath. Someone else's floor? I won't tell anyone. 

So get two exact same bits cut out, front and back of a box if you're smart like me 

 Oh god, don't look at the hobbit toes. I know. I need a pedi. 

Smart yes? Except, put something under what you're cutting, I can't stress that enough. 

So, then you'll get a second box. Lay it out flat on the floor and then laugh when the baby eats it when you're trying to photo document your process. 

You're ruining my shot, dude. This is a hot set. 

So anyway, take your flat box and cut it into some strips that are the width that you'd like your piñata. These are going to be the sides- length doesn't matter so much because you'll just tape the strips together to make them fit around the perimeter. I rolled them so I'd have better movement on them when I fit them around my Flying Nun Commander face. 

Tape 'em to the front (or back) piece using your painter's tape 

Looking good, no? 

Oh yeah, remember to leave a spot for the candy trap door. I saw on the Pinterest that a lot of people do it on the front or back piece. Not me, buddies. I work smarter, not harder. Flap on the side. Right???? I don't know if this is correct, just so you know. This is my first time ever making a piñata and like everything else, I think I'm smarter than the directions. But it worked so fart noises to all that. 

So then I needed a way to hang it. I made it pretty friggin big so I figured it would probably be kind of heavy once candies and treasures went in so I put my brain to work while I busted out some lives on Candy Crush 

The crying heart means back to business, don't pretend like you don't know. But I had it! Wire hangers! Except I threw all of mine away years ago because 

So I borrowed from my neighbors and done deal, dudes.

Reinforced and everything. (FYI, that method works!)

So then I put the front bit on like so

That string there was supposed to hold some Cobra Commander snake logo thing. Ignore it. 

Look at it. No, stop what you're doing and admire that bad boy. We'll finish this story up tomorrow, my friends. 

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Becky said...

You've got some sweet piñata making skills my friend. HOT SET!