Monday, February 10, 2014

GI Joe Party - party favor edition

I know, am I still writing about this party??? I am. Deal with it.

This is the last entry on this party. I promise. Unless I think of something else to write about about it (?). But I wanted to show you how the party favors turned out!! 

I gathered all of this stuff, I got the sunglasses and compasses super cheap on Amazon and my friend Claudia hooked me up with some army dudes. Perfect!!! 

And then I wrapped them up all Pinteresty with wax paper and yarn and instagrammed my artwork. I'm turning into a person I don't even know anymore.

OHHHH! Also, I forgot to post pictures of the piñata bags which unless you're on Facebook with me, you haven't seen. So, what I'm saying is, you've already seen it. See it again! 

Oh that's too dark. 

See it again!

Cute right? With the date of the party stamped like a serial number?? And I put out crayons in an old tin can because Pinterest tells me in a soft, yet controlling voice that I have to use old tin cans for everything and I figured that way the kids could write their names on their stuff  and be able to find their own bags at the end of the party. 

Something something over land. and. air! Real American herooo! G. I. Joe! 

Is the guy who does the talking voice at the end of that song the same dude who does the talking voice at the end of the theme song for COPS? 

I could look that up but I'm lazy so I'm just going to say yes. Yes it is. 

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