Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'll tumblr for ya, I'll tumblr for you (and 'cause everyone else is.)

Okay, so I finally did tumblr cause everyone else did too. And I like to be cool.

What the crap is this thing?!

I'm failing tumblr already, as I've been calling it "flickr" all week. It's the e's fault. Eff the e.

And now I may have busted it.

It seems like the love child of twitter and blogspot. I think I like, but I have no friends.

Someone explain this to me. Oh yeah, and be my friend over there! It'd be awesome. We'll bake cookies and do each other's hair and maybe flash our business around like in Grease. 

Oh, the link I s'pose.

Monday, March 22, 2010

"Some girls are Rhoda girls. Some girls are super girly Mary girls" - says a quote I read today

Actually, it was during a need for more Sesame Street and general Muppet knowledge that I saw this

Quotes about Abby

We have our wacky, and we have our gentle. But we wanted a lead female character. If you think about Mary Tyler Moore, some girls relate to Rhoda, who's our Zoe, and some girls really relate to Mary, who’s a girly girl. And we didn’t have that girl. We made a definite decision to sit down with the writers to figure out what this character might be.
- Liz Nealon [9]

And I started thinking how every one in my life falls into a character role on the The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

And this is what I do, by the way, I try to make everyone I know fit into the Johnny Bravo suit.

Awesome! So on with my show. Now, mentally gather everyone you know and try to group them into these categories, oh go on and do it. It's mental exercise at worst, at best, you're in a tv show!! Holy crap!

There's your typical, lovable nice girl. Optimistic. Smart. On her game, but throws horrible dinner parties and is sort of a secret geek hanging with the cool kids. And sometimes just breaks into tears. And has kicky hair! In this friend of yours, you've got your Mary Richards.

Then there's that girl who's jaded, pessimistic, hilarious!, crass, and a fab dresser.  This is your Rhoda Morgenstern

Then you've got your Lou Grant. He's tough, he's bossy, he's mean but underneath all of that he means well and he'll give you a hug while calling you an idiot baby for needing a hug.

Then there's nice guy, nerd, quick with a quip bestie platonic guy. Murray Slaughter

Then there's your egotistical, self-absorbed idiot. You have one of these. We all have one of these. This, my friends is your Ted Baxter

And you know that one girl, always trying to be besties but who's really kinda lame and busting into your conversations, but you hang out with her anyway? This is your Phyllis Lindstrom. (I want to be a Mary or a Rhoda, but I'm pretty sure this one is me. Feel sad for me or I'll tell you a story.)

You've got your Georgette Franklin . ...Ditz. Peppy, annoying ditz.

And you've got your slutty, always wantin' all over your man Sue Ann Nivens. She doesn't really want anything to do with you. And you know what, Sue Ann? That hurts. Go live with some bitter old ladies, one of which will think she's the hot tamale. And then tell me how it feels. 

And there you have it! You have recognized your friends, I'll bet. 

But like all things real life- and unfortunately for me there is a real life and people are real people and not funny characters in a 70's sitcom you look at this list and realize we're all Marys and Rhodas and Lous, Murrays and Teds and Phyllises and Georgettes and Sue Anns. 

Just like Breakfast Club summed up we'd be. 

"Ooeeoo I look just like Buddy Holly, woah, oh and you're Mary Tyler Moore. I don't care what they say about us anyway, I don't care 'bout that." - said weezer

But just for fun, which one are you?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

"Let the sunshine in, the suuuunshine in" or "How I became a dirty hippie"

Maybe it's just because it's the first day of spring and my heart and soul are full of wonderment and goodness and bountiful life. Maybe it's because I spent the morning in a bookstore which I never get to do anymore. Maybe it's because of these.

Whatever it is, I feel like I've seen the true essence of life and it makes me love everything about every one of you.

I've not been drinking.

Or drugging.

I'm serious. I admire the things that you all can do, especially that of which I can't, and that of which I'm not. That is awesome.

And for no other reason than being a dirty hippie (I didn't even shower today) I share with you these pictures I have taken with my little ol' camera phone these past couple days while being out and enjoying life.

I hope this doesn't mean I die soon.

And if it does mean that I'm dying soon, PLEASE Death, can you wait until after I've seen Paul McCartney?

Don't worry, I'm not dying soon. I struck a deal with the devil.

Friday, March 19, 2010

A WEEK AND A HALF!!!!! I think. "I don't have a memory for numbers"



I, little ol' me, will be seeing SIR JAMES PAUL McCARNTEY, HOT in 11 days (or something if I did my math right.)

Do you have any idea how irrational I am right now? 

I mean, um. 

Let me explain to you why this is the most important thing in the world, EVER just about. I've spent countless hours, days, months, years just insanely obsessing over anything Beatles. It's really, probably seemingly sadly true. But it was never time wasted. Vicki and I when we lived together, Friday night it would begin. 

Out came the Coke 

and the cigarettes 

and the cookie dough 

and we would marathon. Always replaying our favorite parts, some of which I'll share with you. We would start with Anthology, bust through ten hours of that, but not before watching this 'till the tape wore bad. (VHS homies. We're old school AND hardcore) 

...hello, Paul.....

then First US Visit (the whole thing is my favorite, but this was the shortest clip),

 then A Hard Day's Night, 

Help! (here's some funny moments for you to chew on.)

and Magical Mystery Tour. 

And sometimes our friend Michelle who called herself Butchie came over, and then the drinking games would begin. As your friend I tell you this. If you're ever playing a Beatles drinking game that involves doing a shot whenever your chosen Beatle smokes DO NOT CHOOSE RINGO.

or this will be you.

It's true. 

And then sometimes we'd watch "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" which is hilarious!!!

 And yes, it is time for full on Bealtemania. Even though, most sadly but probably best for Paul McCartney's sake and nerves, I'm not going to the Macca show with Beatle buddy Vicki. "I'm not in a laughing mood even" about that. 

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Photoshop is King Boss. Same as Vanessa.

I love friends. I love friends with talents. And when friends with talents start putting me in pictures with hot guys, well I'm sure that you know where this goes. Immediate besties.

'Cause let's face it, I'll probably never be in the same room with Paul McCartney- WHAT AM I SAYING?! I will be in the same room as Paul McCartney on March 30th!!  But he probably won't be posing in pictures with me. So where does that leave a girl with dreams?


So awhile ago I thought, "I'm gonna put me in a picture with Sean Lennon. He loves me. It'll be rad." And, not to toot my own horn or anything, but it turned out pretty awesome.

But then aforementioned Bestie!Vanessa busts out all kind of ninja on it and WHA-POW!

I was made to look like a stooge in the Photoshop contest.

A stooge, perhaps, but a stooge rubbing cigar elbows with Mr. Lennon.

And now she's on a terror of amazing awesomeness. Ready?

This is when Paul and I were singing together karaoke at Dimples in Pasadena, CA. We rocked it with our version of Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive". Everyone loved us and someone bought Paul a beer!

This is Paul and I in Cancun. We had a lot of Margaritas and somehow misplaced some money.  Good thing he brought his bass, we made a couple bucks back from some Canadian tourists. 

And here we are. Goofin'.

Vanessa has a bloggy, Little Deadness.  Go check it. She's an amazing photographer. And an amazing Photoshoppin' bestie. And my Ethel Mertz. 

I have my fingers crossed that she's not done. 

Monday, March 8, 2010


We went to San Francisco a couple years ago and for one thing, I love you, San Francisco and if it weren't for your silly baseball team and your affinity for fish, I'd move there in a minute!

San Francisco is amazing and if you've never been you should go. I have a BFF Vicki who lives up there. Hook up with her, I'm sure she'll let you stay. Yeah, no problems, I'm sure. She likes camping too, so maybe extra bonus points if you're of serial killer variety.

But yeah, San Fran, you're hip, dude. 

Everybody knows how sweet San Francisco is. 

Let me tell you about Alcatraz.

Alcatraz makes me wish I was a gangster or money launderer of the greatest offense, or both. And back in the 1950s. And then I'd duckbill my hair, steal some spoons from the slop house and dig my way out.  "To freedom?", you may ask.  No, I respond. Not yet. To the icy waters of the bay. Choppy, icy shark infested waters (I don't think there are really sharks) and I'd swim the mile and a half, against current and pop up on the shores of the The Embarcadero- 

okay, now I'm just making stuff up. But how cool would that be! Ah, man. 

Alcatraz. Did I mention that I am insanely obsessed with Alcatraz? And in a shocking twist of stuff, I didn't steal any of these photos! These were all taken by me. I know, what a photographer I've turned out to be. Oh, shush now, you're embarrassing me. 

See that bald guy at the back near the flag? That's not me. 

Before it was a prison, the island was a military base and they would just shoot the crap out of whatever boats they deemed necessary to bomb crap out of. And then because it was SO uninhabitable being it's just a rock out in cold icy waters, well, they turned it into a military prison, then a real prison. Or something. I don't know, I'm not a tour guide. Look it up. 

Look at the seagull! 

See the shadows in the right hand bottom corner? Way creepy, huh? But nope. 
Not ghosts. Just me and Billy. 

This one is WAY Shawshank looking huh? Except for those dudes back there. I could beat those dudes up. Get 'em with a shiv in the back if they looked at me wrong. Threaten 'em for their brownie and cigarettes. See, I know. I could totally be locked up in here. Michael Scofield style! 

And see how close San Francisco is? You can see the streets! That's so awesome! They said that prisoners could hear the sounds of the city and it would drive them crazy. Behind me when I took this picture is Cell Block C (ish) where the solitary confinement dudes - Like the Bird Man of Alcatraz were and on New Years Eve they could hear the music and celebrations, watch the fireworks. That's crazy! And not bad for prison life. Come on. Music, fireworks? Stop your whining, Prisoners of Old. 

This was a house! People used to live on the island, like the families of the people who worked at the prison and the kids used to play with inmates (don't worry about it, I'm sure they were all like the nice dudes from Green Mile) and then take the ferry to school everyday. How cool did they roll?!

And enjoy this So I Married an Axe Murderer Alcatraz moment. 

Okay, some links. 

Now go see every movie ever made about Alcatraz. Like Escape from Alcatraz. Speaking of escaping from Alcatraz, I could totally do it. Did you see the Mythbusters episode on it? Oh those Mythbusters. I love them.  

Here's them talking about it. 

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