Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Want to Believe....but not be considered crazy and stuff.

Due to my huge mind-crush on Neil deGrasse Tyson and my thoughts that I could've been an astrophysicist if I'd put more effort into smarts and goals and less into collecting Beatles knowledge and posters, I came across this video.

It's about aliens, if they're out there and if we can hear their radio signals and all that. At first I was like, "Alright crazies. Go sleep on your loveseats and eat sunflower seeds and drink ice-tea, SETI, you Fox Mulder wannabes."

That's right, you heard me.

But! They're totally way cooler than my judgmental stink-eye gave them a minute to prove. Here's a link about the SETI Institute if you want to know more about them. You should click on it. Interesting stuff. In brief, they are looking into life outside our universe. Because really, it's INSANE to think that we are alone. It's naive, it's egotistical and just plain ridiculous. In my mind, anyway. And having said that, you now view me as this.

But I don't even worry about that though because, that dude Galileo? They laughed at his crap too, so- whatevs.

Now let me use this small window of your forgiveness to come clean. I've seen a UFO. 

I'll deny it later. 

It looked like this. 

But it wasn't in Santa Monica, and it wasn't on the ground, you sneaks. It was up in the sky and it hovered and then it flipped the way you imagine a UFO to be and then it shot off faster than fast. And then I went inside my house, tucked my head under my pillow and cried and taped my butt closed. I thought they were coming back for me. 

How old was I, you ask? Like 20. What's it to ya?! I know what I saw. 

So, where in my silly tale was I? Oh yeah, despite all of this, I don't believe in the whole AREA 51 crap. 

(Did that just get me put on an FBI list?) 

I don't believe in that whole Independence Day, MIB, ALF stuff. 

At least I don't think I do. I mean, if it were true, and the government knew about it, wouldn't they put more money into space research? Because I think that's not happening. And wouldn't there be a lot more interest in wormholes and all that? 

And if they do live among us, these aliens, why aren't they immediately exploded or crushed or killed by the atmosphere/ gravity/ bacteria of Earth? It doesn't make any sense. And how- in this sky that is so heavily guarded by everyone looking for a war fight, how do we as a human race not see one of these metal beasts coming? 

So if I don't believe aliens have visited us, how do I explain the UFO that I saw? Because I did see it. There's not a doubt in my soul that it was a UFO. And I'm not the only one. (Badum bum) 

“On August 23rd, at 9 o’clock, I saw a U.F.O. – J.L.”

And if wormholes and all that jazz do exist, I'm using you as my constant. (Silly LOST reference. Pardon my fangirl moment.) 

When that SETI business actually pans into something real, what then? Or if that UFO I saw really turns out to be real, what then? Because none of us knows. 

But what then? Because even if we do figure out that those shiny things in the sky were made by Greg Brady in his kicky, attic bedroom and that the tugging on the edges of the universe is just some grandmother somewhere working on her knitting, what does it really matter? Does it change us? I mean, I guess it changed for all those flat-world believers, right? 

And maybe the idea that the universe is a flat plane with edges to tug doesn't make sense. Maybe it's a round thing. And maybe it's just bouncing. And maybe it's just an atom in a cell in a plant under the ocean. 

Okay, that's enough for my little brain for now. It hurts. How's about some Kids in the Hall?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Where is that special someone to stop me when I'm about to post something like this.

Hunk. YES!!! This is exactly my life story! I don't even need to write it anymore because it was already written for me in 1987. Or maybe earlier, probably.  Hot!!!

I cannot be the only one to have ever seen this movie. It's on imdb for goodness sakes. (And it has a wiki and an AllMovie overview. So there. Pssh.)

Although, when you look at the imdb, there's only one memorable quote.

Hunk Golden: I finally meet a beautiful woman and she wants me to bomb Pearl Harbor. Talk about romantic. 

Whatever, that's deep.

Anyway, this awesome film is about some nerd dude who strikes a deal with the devil and becomes HUNK hot. Hunk Golden, actually.

Mayhem goes down. Mayhem ALWAYS goes down when you strike deals with the devil. He wants your soul and who can fight the devil? He bought it, dude. Say "hasta luega, soul and also devil who has my soul" 'cause that thing is an Eternal Flame.

Trailor, anyone? Yeah, well, I can't find it. Word of warning though- when looking for it on youtube (as I know you want to do) prepare yourself for porn, 'cause... well, porn pops up. If that's your gig, you're welcome. My devil work is done.

I told you this was my life story!

So in leu of a Hunk trailer, here's Eternal Flame.

Again, you're welcome.

Is the "HUNK" license plate available yet?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wait, oh yes wait a minute Mr. Postman - otherwise known as The Postcard Project.

It all started innocently enough. I was Beatle surfing. I do this from time to time, and I came across this Ringo book called Postcards From the Boys (which lolz).

And so I started thinking about when I used to send postcards to my roommates. From my apartment. And how much that made me laugh. I don't think anyone else laughed.

Sending postcards is a lost art. Mail is a lost art. It's all Earth-Friendly and green and electronic and BORING now. So in honor of Earth Day, let's start the Postcard Project! (I'm gong to H-E-double hockey sticks maybe, also).

So here's what I'm thinking. And please chime in with ideas. I'm going to start up a new blog where anyone who wants to play is invited and can upload the postcards they get to the blog.  You can hide your address of course. Like an art project!

Awesome, right?

So now, what to call it?

-The Postcard Project?

-SWAK (Sealed with a Kiss)?

-Pen Pals?

-Something else?

Look. Here's one from Paul McCartney to Ringo. You know this is a cool idea!

The floor is yours. Where do we begin? 

UPDATE!!! We have lift-off. A tumbly --> I have no idea what I'm doing and I may have to invite you via email to post things to it. No idea. So, yeah, if you have knowledge in the tumblr arena, that would be totally rockstar. 

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rock and Roll at the Hollywood Bowl

I know I know I know I know I know. I owe you all a Paul McCartney story. Even those of you who don't want to know, I owe you espesh, because I'm like that.

I have been muted by Paul's amazingness. It's been a week and a half since the Hollywood Bowl show and I have nothing to say of any smarts.




....he was a Beatle!...!...

So, the thing of it was, I was cool, calm collect when I was just seeing the dude from Wings. He rocked it. He was all kinds of rock star.

Then he sang "All my Loving" and I lost my mind!

I went from seeing "the dude from Wings" to seeing an friggin', honest to god Beatle.


How do I talk about that? How do I put that into words?

There was a woman on the tram sitting next to me on the way there that had seen McCartney five times. And as she told me this she began to cry. I'm sitting there ready to throw-up or faint and she's crying. We bonded over our stupidness. I know lady. I know!! Hugs!! Then she tried to hook me up with her son. Thanks no.

Helter Skelter sounded as hard core as it did on record in 1968. Paul is 67 years old.

I guess just some pictures I took right? Okay. They suck, but okay.

The bus ride to the show. 

I'm a bad picture taker. 

Too bad I had the shaky fist, this picture would've been sweet

"I'll take a bottle of wine, please. Can you put that in a bum's cup. I don't want to look too classy."

Said bum's cup. 

Is that Slash?!

Me chilly and freezin' and representin' Wings! with wine! 

You can see the Hollywood sign up there in the left-handish corner. 


If you could see it, you would know that there is a rad photo-collage of Paul's life going on. Since you can't see it, I'll tell you that our Cabo picture was in there. Thanks Paul!

Paul brought his A-game. He arrived by Supernova. 

The heat of Paul's hotness cannot be contained. 

"and when this ever changing world in which we live in makes you give in and cry, say live and let die" (explosion!)

"Say Live and Let Die"

(guitar solo)

Bus ride home

So, yeah. 

The L.A. Times review of the show was dead on. 

And I didn't take any video 'cause, of course, my camera died. I had to use my camera phone. That's hardcore though, don't sell that short. Anyway. 

Here's a transcript from my facebooking that day. Pathetic. 


24 hours and 10 minutes away from McCartney and I'm choking and dying 'cause coffee went down the wrong pipe. If I do indeed choke and die, go see Macca in my honor. Sing real loud. Cry. Faint. But don't worry- I will fight this drowning with my mighty cough.

March 29 at 7:20pm ·  · 

Beatlemania level has been raised to stage 5

March 30 at 2:30pm via Facebook for iPhone ·  · 


March 30 at 5:05pm ·  · 

On the shuttle. I am about to cry. Embarrassing. I'm totally a stupid fangirl. I may vomit or scream or faint or cry. And I have bad hair.

March 30 at 5:29pm via Facebook for iPhone ·  · 

 Holy Macca.

March 30 at 11:20pm via Facebook for iPhone ·  · 

 Okay, I'm a little less fainty and swoony and I think I love Paul McCartney even more now, if you can believe that! I ripped my ears off during All My Loving. He totally encouraged me to sing with him during Hey Jude and the whole front of the stage blew off! during Live and Let Die. WAY cooler than RockBand.

March 31 at 12:25am ·  · 


And this, this made me bawl my heart out.