Sunday, November 29, 2009

George Harrison. =(

George Harrison.-- 
Feb. 25, 1943 - Nov. 29, 2001.
I have a problem with my dead Beatles. I love and respect them even more than the living ones and much more than I could ever put into words, or into a pointless blog. I love them for their beauty, their wit, their want to change the world. They both played a major role in sculpting the future of all things music and within a week and a half, the world has to mourn them both (albeit one will get a lot more attention than the other). A lot of people know December 8, 1980 as the date that a friggin' idiot, madman lunatic gunned down the outspoken John Lennon. Very few people realize that November 29, 2001 "The Quiet Beatle" George Harrison quietly slipped away to lung cancer in Los Angeles with his loved ones by his side, Paul McCartney holding his hand and laughing at his jokes. So Johnny, I'm going to deal with you next week. Georgie deserves his moment. But first...

George was, by far, funniest Beatle. That's definitely my favorite part about him. So let's get the biography stuff out of the way and start laughing (and then I'll probably start crying, 'cause I'm insane and even though I don't know him, I feel like I do. And he makes me cry.)

George was born. He met a chubby schoolboy named Paul McCartney on the bus when he was like 13 or so and then after Paul met a drunk John Lennon, Paul introduced John and George.

They formed some little band, fought a whole bunch, and then broke up. George then did some producing, he allegedly told BFF Eric Clapton to leave Cream 'cause they were holding him back. He made Ravi Shankar famous. He had a concert for Bangladesh to help the peeps there. He produced a couple movies like Monty Python's Life of Brian and that Sean Penn/ Madonna piece of crap Shanghai Surprise.

George got all into racecar-ing and in doing so, he met and became really tight with the main dude for Cirque du Soleil and developed the idea that would later become THE GREATEST CIRQUE SHOW THIS WORLD HAS EVER SEEN! Or that I've seen, anyway. Love.

FYI- If you've not see this show than you should really make it a priority in your life. AMAZING!!!! Sad part about all of that is, George died in 2001,  Love didn't become a reality until 2006.

So, if you want a good dousing of cry, go check out the Larry King interview clips on YouTube about the show's premiere.

Okay, one more sad from our man Ringo and then laughing, because high notes are way better to go out on.

That one with Olivia Harrison looking down on her late husband gets me EVERY TIME! And lastly receiving his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

I love you George Harrison. Hare Krishna.


Glenna said...

Nice to run into George maniacs. He's worth the attention. Check out my own tribute to Hari at
Love George...

Amy said...

Thank you.

And I really enjoyed your words on George (much more coherent than this babble I have above).

Jim said...

Babble or not, Amy, it was a nice tribute. Thank You. Glenna's was very nice too, I read it yesterday after seeing a link in Twitter.

This is a tough week for me too because of 11/29/01, 12/08/80, and my father's passing on 11/30/93. Three men I loved and still miss dearly.

It is nice to see so many Beatle maniacs who feel the same way about the music and the men behind the music as I do. Sometimes I try to understand why they affect me so much, and I have yet to come up with a good explanation, other than the great songs that struck a chord with me and still do.

Anyway, keep up the great work. I will check out your site some more later.

All My Loving,

Jim (@jimbretado)

Amy said...

Ah! That's sweet! Thanks very much, Jim.

Amy said...

And I am sorry to hear (read) about your dad. =( *hugs*