Friday, October 16, 2009

Good Day Son-Shine!

Oh boy. Even I see the absurdity about to bust through my brain. I'm not going to question why I allow it to continue, though. I'll merely document the insanity to make it easier for the therapists later on.

So I see this today from The Sun.

The article goes on to say that Mr. James McCartney put on a secret, debut gig with his band 'Light'. He's apparently very good. *tee hees*. I don't know why and I've never really thought much about him before, but seeing James up there with his little guitar, I kinda feel a crush coming on.

Which brings me to this. It's POSSIBLE I heart Beatle boys.

Okay, I'll yell it! I'm in love with Beatle offspring! I've already made it quite clear my Sean Lennon Obsession. He is a total crush. Sean Lennon supersedes the "Beatle son" criteria. He's pretty.

Sean Lennon (Oct 9, 1975)

Then there's Dhani Harrison. He's adorbale!

Dhani Harrison (August 1, 1978)

And even Zak Starkey isn't looking too shabby.

Zak Starkey (Sept 13, 1965)

And now James McCartney <3 (who is DEF second fiddle to Sean in the Beatle Son race)

James McCartney (Sept 12, 1977)

And, because I'm giving into the crazy, here we go. Beatles from Oldest to youngest.

Ringo Starr
John Lennon
Paul McCartney
George Harrison

Beatle sons from oldest to youngest (yeah)

Zak Starkey
Sean Lennon
James McCartney
Dhani Harrison

Weird.  Next up on the crazy train, pictures of them together. (Sean and James... I'm very disappointed in you boys. Meet up, and bring a photographer.)

Dhani- good work on picture hogging. Okay here's what they're up to, Zak, he was with Oasis, I don't know what he's doing now, whatevs.

Oh, and lols Zak!

Dhani is my hero. If it weren't for Dhani, Beatle friggin' Rockband wouldn't exist. AND he's in a band called thenewno2

Seany-poo is doing Ghost Of A Sabor Toothed Tiger. And just being hot, in general.

And James, he's doing the 'Light' thing finally.

All feels right in my world.

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Amy said...

Yeah, I know. I left out Jason and Julian.

I know.

I'm sorry boys. I got all wrapped up in that McCartney one.