Monday, July 20, 2009

Beautiful Boy - Man. And hot. Did I mention hot?

Sean Lennon. *Sigh*
Yes. At first I bought a Sean Lennon album only because of who his parents are. I admit that. But something happened that I wasn't expecting. I enjoyed it.
Being a Beatle fan, it's impossible to not know who Sean Taro Ono Lennon is, who his mother is; "She who broke up the Beatles!" As a Beatle fan or a John Lennon fan, the image of Sean goes something like this.
In the 90s sometime, he reemerged from pop-culture trivia (to my knowledge anyway) looking a,

I've read that that is what made him decide to cut his hair. Thank god! Because OMG. So after seeing him looking like the male version of Saffron from AbFab about 15 years ago, I didn't expect to be so overcome by how impossibly COOL he's become.
I guess that must be what happens to you when you come from a Beatle and a conceptual artist. And you grow up in Central Park. And someone calls you Paul McCartney's daughter.
His last album was "Friendly Fire." Buy it. It is amazing and still finds daily play on my ipod.
The coolest part about this album, the genius part is that he did a short film to go along with the album. Like videos, but they tell the story of the album as a whole. Here's a little snippy snips.
After obsessing over Friendly Fire, I saw Sean Lennon in concert. He blew my mind. So I came home and wrote this.

Saturday, April 28, 2007
Tonight I came to a realization. I am that fan.
I am her. I am the one I always laughed at when I'd
watch A Hard Day's Night with my friends. You know
the one. The one that would grab her ears and scream
until she passed out.

This one.

I always thought that I MIGHT be that girl. But it had
never happened exactly like that. I have seen weezer
more times than I can count, I met Rivers Cuomo a
couple of those times. And I'm in love with Rivers Cuomo.
It was awesome. But I never once got dizzy, blacked-out
and tried to hold back that feeling of vomit. I didn't think it

At least not on Earth. Perhaps, though, Disneyland no longer
counts as Earth... Even though it is its happiest place.

For me anyway. After tonight.

April 27th, 2007 will be the day that I became her.
I became the fan.

Sean Lennon played the House of Blues in Anaheim.
Downtown Disney. There was an opening band called
Women and Children". They were alright, but for their
last song, they brought out a "friend" and as Sean Lennon
stepped out and tossed a guitar onto his shoulder, it
happened. I tried shifting my weight because I thought
that I was locking my knees or something. I kept trying
to swallow the mass amounts of saliva that were now
pooling under my tongue. I was very uncomfortable.
And I could not take my eyes from him. I was mesmorized.
And all I could think of was that little boy craddled by
JOHN LENNON that I'd seen in pictures a million times.
A million times I'd seen these pictures and believed they
didn't exist. They weren't real. There was no way that any
of it could be real.

But it is real. And he looks like him. Just like him. And I
became that girl.

I regained composure between acts, and I could see him as
I had before, as a hot guy who played awesome music, but
for that one moment.....


and this

became this

and this

which lead to this

So he's in this new band with an impossibly beautiful, and dumb girl, girlfriend, whatevs. And they're hot together and they make real good music and it just makes me, it makes me hate her and love her all at once. Anyway. They are called Ghost of a Saber Toothed Tiger
I think they are making an album right now. That will definitely be mine. So in the mean time, you can stalk him here on YouTube and at - which is a super rad site, by the way, and you can see some really great photos by older (half)bro, Julian.
Oh, also enjoy this little viddy that I cannot stop watching.

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