Monday, March 17, 2014


If for whatever reason you haven't heard me or you or anyone else you know in the vicinity of Los Angeles freaking out about the earthquake this morning, we had a friggin earthquake this morning. It wasn't very big, only 4.4 but I live very close to the epicenter and let me tell you, when you wake up to violent shaking and your husband jumping out the bed like he's Jack Bauer in the middle of a crisis, it's jarring to say the least. 

It wasn't a gentle, rolling quake where you question if it's just a big truck going by. It was  

When I first moved to LA from Denver, I was terrified of earthquakes. All my earthquake knowledge came from Superman and Ghostbusters so I figured the earth just swallowed everyone up in a quake. 

No, that's seriously what I thought. 


I moved out here 3 years after the Northridge quake and I just assumed that was the norm. So for about a year or more, I wouldn't put anything on shelves, pictures didn't go on walls, I lived on the edge like a doomsday prepper. I remember going to the theatre to see Austin Powers and the theatre had all these lava lamps up on ledges all around and I felt like I needed to warn everyone that we were all going to die from concussion. 

(Final Destination was probably written about me.)

So I've learned a few things about myself today. 

1) I hate earthquakes. Still since the last one we had. 

2) I have absolutely no idea what to do when an earthquake happens when an actual earthquake is happening.

3) People are still shaky and talking about how much less scared than other losers they are 4 hours later. 

4) My husband is this guy in an emergency

5) my cat is this guy 

6) Aftershocks can go jump in a lake. 

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