Friday, March 19, 2010

A WEEK AND A HALF!!!!! I think. "I don't have a memory for numbers"



I, little ol' me, will be seeing SIR JAMES PAUL McCARNTEY, HOT in 11 days (or something if I did my math right.)

Do you have any idea how irrational I am right now? 

I mean, um. 

Let me explain to you why this is the most important thing in the world, EVER just about. I've spent countless hours, days, months, years just insanely obsessing over anything Beatles. It's really, probably seemingly sadly true. But it was never time wasted. Vicki and I when we lived together, Friday night it would begin. 

Out came the Coke 

and the cigarettes 

and the cookie dough 

and we would marathon. Always replaying our favorite parts, some of which I'll share with you. We would start with Anthology, bust through ten hours of that, but not before watching this 'till the tape wore bad. (VHS homies. We're old school AND hardcore) 

...hello, Paul.....

then First US Visit (the whole thing is my favorite, but this was the shortest clip),

 then A Hard Day's Night, 

Help! (here's some funny moments for you to chew on.)

and Magical Mystery Tour. 

And sometimes our friend Michelle who called herself Butchie came over, and then the drinking games would begin. As your friend I tell you this. If you're ever playing a Beatles drinking game that involves doing a shot whenever your chosen Beatle smokes DO NOT CHOOSE RINGO.

or this will be you.

It's true. 

And then sometimes we'd watch "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" which is hilarious!!!

 And yes, it is time for full on Bealtemania. Even though, most sadly but probably best for Paul McCartney's sake and nerves, I'm not going to the Macca show with Beatle buddy Vicki. "I'm not in a laughing mood even" about that. 


Detta said...

Yay!So exciting!'Im jealous that you'll be going before me,hahaha.Omg I wish I had friends who liked the Beatles enough sit through the movies long enough to play drinking games with me!

Oh and I LOVE that u.s. clip almost as much as I love this one

John's laugh!!!*melts*

Amy said...

HAHA! I love it!!!

And Paul's so mean when he looks at the camera and goes "congratulations".

It was great having Beatle friends, but Vicki lives all the way up in San Francisco now and I'm down here in Los Angeles and it makes it a lot more difficult to Beatle swoon. =(