Saturday, March 20, 2010

"Let the sunshine in, the suuuunshine in" or "How I became a dirty hippie"

Maybe it's just because it's the first day of spring and my heart and soul are full of wonderment and goodness and bountiful life. Maybe it's because I spent the morning in a bookstore which I never get to do anymore. Maybe it's because of these.

Whatever it is, I feel like I've seen the true essence of life and it makes me love everything about every one of you.

I've not been drinking.

Or drugging.

I'm serious. I admire the things that you all can do, especially that of which I can't, and that of which I'm not. That is awesome.

And for no other reason than being a dirty hippie (I didn't even shower today) I share with you these pictures I have taken with my little ol' camera phone these past couple days while being out and enjoying life.

I hope this doesn't mean I die soon.

And if it does mean that I'm dying soon, PLEASE Death, can you wait until after I've seen Paul McCartney?

Don't worry, I'm not dying soon. I struck a deal with the devil.

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