Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Photoshop is King Boss. Same as Vanessa.

I love friends. I love friends with talents. And when friends with talents start putting me in pictures with hot guys, well I'm sure that you know where this goes. Immediate besties.

'Cause let's face it, I'll probably never be in the same room with Paul McCartney- WHAT AM I SAYING?! I will be in the same room as Paul McCartney on March 30th!!  But he probably won't be posing in pictures with me. So where does that leave a girl with dreams?


So awhile ago I thought, "I'm gonna put me in a picture with Sean Lennon. He loves me. It'll be rad." And, not to toot my own horn or anything, but it turned out pretty awesome.

But then aforementioned Bestie!Vanessa busts out all kind of ninja on it and WHA-POW!

I was made to look like a stooge in the Photoshop contest.

A stooge, perhaps, but a stooge rubbing cigar elbows with Mr. Lennon.

And now she's on a terror of amazing awesomeness. Ready?

This is when Paul and I were singing together karaoke at Dimples in Pasadena, CA. We rocked it with our version of Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive". Everyone loved us and someone bought Paul a beer!

This is Paul and I in Cancun. We had a lot of Margaritas and somehow misplaced some money.  Good thing he brought his bass, we made a couple bucks back from some Canadian tourists. 

And here we are. Goofin'.

Vanessa has a bloggy, Little Deadness.  Go check it. She's an amazing photographer. And an amazing Photoshoppin' bestie. And my Ethel Mertz. 

I have my fingers crossed that she's not done. 


silentmekare said...

blushes u too sweet and no i'm not done. still working on some more with sean and of course sir paul :) xoxo any one else you want to be seen with, trollop ;)

lurve u, ethel

Amy said...


Davy Jones.

And maybe some '66 John Lennon. Rivers Cuomo.

You know, whatever. X)


Another reason why I need photoshop in my life. Thanks for following!