Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'll tumblr for ya, I'll tumblr for you (and 'cause everyone else is.)

Okay, so I finally did tumblr cause everyone else did too. And I like to be cool.

What the crap is this thing?!

I'm failing tumblr already, as I've been calling it "flickr" all week. It's the e's fault. Eff the e.

And now I may have busted it.

It seems like the love child of twitter and blogspot. I think I like, but I have no friends.

Someone explain this to me. Oh yeah, and be my friend over there! It'd be awesome. We'll bake cookies and do each other's hair and maybe flash our business around like in Grease. 

Oh, the link I s'pose.


Detta said...

this reminds to that i totally have to start again.consider yourself friended!haha

Amy said...

SaWeeeet. I've friended you too. :D

Lennon Ray said...

welcome to the tumblr world! lol I got one to be cool too!

Let's bake cookies! :)

Amy said...

RIGHT ON!!! Let's do this.