Monday, March 22, 2010

"Some girls are Rhoda girls. Some girls are super girly Mary girls" - says a quote I read today

Actually, it was during a need for more Sesame Street and general Muppet knowledge that I saw this

Quotes about Abby

We have our wacky, and we have our gentle. But we wanted a lead female character. If you think about Mary Tyler Moore, some girls relate to Rhoda, who's our Zoe, and some girls really relate to Mary, who’s a girly girl. And we didn’t have that girl. We made a definite decision to sit down with the writers to figure out what this character might be.
- Liz Nealon [9]

And I started thinking how every one in my life falls into a character role on the The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

And this is what I do, by the way, I try to make everyone I know fit into the Johnny Bravo suit.

Awesome! So on with my show. Now, mentally gather everyone you know and try to group them into these categories, oh go on and do it. It's mental exercise at worst, at best, you're in a tv show!! Holy crap!

There's your typical, lovable nice girl. Optimistic. Smart. On her game, but throws horrible dinner parties and is sort of a secret geek hanging with the cool kids. And sometimes just breaks into tears. And has kicky hair! In this friend of yours, you've got your Mary Richards.

Then there's that girl who's jaded, pessimistic, hilarious!, crass, and a fab dresser.  This is your Rhoda Morgenstern

Then you've got your Lou Grant. He's tough, he's bossy, he's mean but underneath all of that he means well and he'll give you a hug while calling you an idiot baby for needing a hug.

Then there's nice guy, nerd, quick with a quip bestie platonic guy. Murray Slaughter

Then there's your egotistical, self-absorbed idiot. You have one of these. We all have one of these. This, my friends is your Ted Baxter

And you know that one girl, always trying to be besties but who's really kinda lame and busting into your conversations, but you hang out with her anyway? This is your Phyllis Lindstrom. (I want to be a Mary or a Rhoda, but I'm pretty sure this one is me. Feel sad for me or I'll tell you a story.)

You've got your Georgette Franklin . ...Ditz. Peppy, annoying ditz.

And you've got your slutty, always wantin' all over your man Sue Ann Nivens. She doesn't really want anything to do with you. And you know what, Sue Ann? That hurts. Go live with some bitter old ladies, one of which will think she's the hot tamale. And then tell me how it feels. 

And there you have it! You have recognized your friends, I'll bet. 

But like all things real life- and unfortunately for me there is a real life and people are real people and not funny characters in a 70's sitcom you look at this list and realize we're all Marys and Rhodas and Lous, Murrays and Teds and Phyllises and Georgettes and Sue Anns. 

Just like Breakfast Club summed up we'd be. 

"Ooeeoo I look just like Buddy Holly, woah, oh and you're Mary Tyler Moore. I don't care what they say about us anyway, I don't care 'bout that." - said weezer

But just for fun, which one are you?

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