Friday, December 18, 2009

Beatles + 60s girl groups = AmyFrenzy and band dreams.

So posted a post the other day about Beatles Novelty Records and that gets my brain all up in a 60s girl group frenzy. And Beatles frenzy. And then it makes me want to start up my own band. Again. Cue the eye rolls and grunts. But I don't care. I think I'm totally serious this time. Much more then last time. Even though I was pretty serious last time, too. Man, can't you just see it? Me. In a band. No, look up. Now, can't you just see it? Wow.

Okay, so what made me think that I need to start a cover band of Beatles novelty songs, (and OMG!!! think of how AWESOME my new band would be!) was that the very essence of Beatles novelty songs is fangirldom. That might be the name of my new group. The Fangirls. GASP! I love it.

So, lets visit, shall we, these gems of all gems.

Starting off with the thing that got all this rollin'.

And The Bootles.

The Beatlettes!

Even Cher. Cher's not too good for it. And why should she be? Except maybe for singing about Ringo.

I LOVELOVELOVE all these songs. I'm gonna do 'em. I'll be famous for it one day, you'll see.

By the way, I'm done with all that Christmas song crap. No one probably cares anyway or notices. And let me tell you... I'm done.

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