Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Reporter: George, what do you miss most about John Lennon? George: John Lennon.

December 8, 1980-  my parents 7th Anniversary. A 4 and a half year old me and an even smaller 3 and a half year old sister, after whooping it up at our grandparents house where we were either eating anniversary dinner or more likely now that I think of it, were being babysat so our parents could have date night, quickly fell asleep in the back of the car on the freezing ride home, sounds of the radio floating in and out of my ears. It was nearing 10pm Denver time and we hadn't been in the car long when it happened. SCREAMING! WAILING! My dad pulling over and my mom in full on hysterics. I was terrified, I thought someone had died.

This is the first time I remember hearing the name John Lennon. This is also the first concrete memory I have. I remember the exact part of the exact street we were on and could drive you there to this day, that's how dramatic it was.  

I shared this Earth with John Lennon for 4 and a half years. I don't remember any of it. That's not to say I don't understand the impact his abrupt passing has had on this world. 

I had so many amazing things I wanted to say about John and now, as I'm here to say it, the things won't come. It's okay though. You know what I mean. 

Yoko Ono wrote something about him, his passing and how we should use his passing to help and inspire others. It's really great, actually. Read it here

And this video, which I've posted before...

Please check out this CNN article by Bob Greene. It's a very touching look at The Dakota, Lennon's murder and how the events that unfolded on that December day still manage to haunt Central Park West. It's very touching and beautifully written.  

Oh and this friggin' thing, Christmas song #6. What better than Happy Xmas (War is Over)?

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