Tuesday, October 13, 2009

YOU'RE LUCKY IT'S TUESDAY! (Stupid, bloody Tuesday...)

So there's a movement rollin' down the horizon called Don't Be A Jerk Tuesday. Much like McCartney's Meat-Free Monday, but it's on Tuesday and not really about meat, but more about not bein' a buttface.

The idea is that if for just one day a week everyone on the planet had to play nice or stay home, we may just achieve the ever elusive World Peace! Totally think it could work, too. If for no other reason, wouldn't it be nice to have one day that you could just chillax 'cause you knew people weren't likely to crap all over your day?!

Now I sound like a friggin' hippie. Whatevs. I like it.

"Peace and Love. Peace and Love" - Ringo Starr.

So, if you have the facebooks and you would like to be on the ground floor of this awesomeness, fan it. Love it. Live it. Don't Be A Jerk Tuesday facebook page. Soon there will be shirts available on Cafe Press maybe and they will say funny things like "You're friggin' lucky it's Tuesday" or something equally as side-splitting and other things and proceeds will go to charities that are non-jerk - i.e. battered women's shelters and child-abuse prevention, the ASPCA, things of this nature.

Oh, and speaking of peace and John Lennon and all that, the Imagine Peace Tower is up and going from October 9 through December 8. Read about it here.

Here's a live view of the tower in Iceland and go check out Yoko Ono's www.IMAGINEPEACE.com

And please take a second, or 5 minutes 15 seconds to watch this. It's called "I Met The Walrus" and it's really cool. And remember.

Be nice. It's Tuesday.

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