Saturday, October 3, 2009

Birth Control Glasses.

In about, oh, 1994 maybe, I needed glasses. I got some weird, wire-rimmed numbers that dimmed in the light. GROSS.

Then I became obsessed with wanting to look like Marilyn Monroe in "How To Marry A Millionaire" and I wanted THOSE glasses.

I searched and searched. No luck. Although, today, they likely sell them at the local LensCrafters, but not the case 15 years ago, Ladies and Gents. I rummaged Denver through and through 'til I found myself in a little thrift store.

There they were. $6 for a pair of Army issued, blacked rimmed glasses. I loved them and though they weren't quite the Marilyn Monroes I'd been searching for, they were still geek enough to pass inspection.

I had my prescription lenses put in them and Viola! I was transformed from drabby nerd to Chic geek. Yay!!! Then weezer broke loose on the world and I found new love for the glasses.

<3 *fans self* I love Rivers Cuomo. *swoons*  Anyway, here comes a rock star with the same gogs as me?! And cute? OMG.

So I start thinking about it. I dig dudes in dark rimmed glasses. I do. Well, a few of them anyway. So a list, shall we? In no particular order, for if it were in order, Paul McCartney would SOOO not be 4th.

1. Rivers Cuomo. He's way cute without glasses, but let's look at him again with glasses just to be sure. ;)

2. Davy Jones. x) (The Monkee not the pirate / sailor/ locker-keeper dude).

3. This Jonas brother. That's all I know about him. How old is he? Is he old enough to think of as kinda cute? Whatevs, don't you dare judge me.

4. Paul McCartney - any list that involves "cute" I can guarantee will include Mr. James Paul McCartney. It's his fault for being the most adorable human to have walked the Earth.

5. John Lennon. I can't leave Johnny off this list.

6. Sean Lennon - *swoons*

7. Oh yeah, Stuart Sutcliffe. ?!

8. Jarvis Cocker

9. Johnny Depp

Oh lovely spect out boys, I HEART you.  Boy oh howdy!

One more for the road. <3 S'up JT?

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