Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rolling Stones or Beatles?

I'm on a mission: To like The Rolling Stones. 

It sounds ridiculous that this is even going through my head, but this ain't the first time. A little known secret about me, I'm a Beatle fan. And being a Beatle fan and wanting to join Camp Rolling Stones is akin to being a Red Sox fan and wanting to be a Yankee. 

There are vast differences between being a fan of the groups. Exhibit A:

Here's your typical Beatle fan. 

Here's your typical Stones' fan:

And then there is the matter of flaunting your love. A Stones fan wearing a shirt looks like Fergie:

A Beatles fan sporting a shirt sometimes looks like a really excited old man with high waisted pants:

So yes, sometimes I feel like the color-guard watching the cheerleaders at the high school football game. But what it boils down to, I suppose is that for one thing,  Beatles equal "SQUEEE" Stones equal "EEK!" and the other thing is that I've heard Stones songs for more than 20 years! and all I can say is that Paint It Black, Time Is On My Side and Ruby Tuesday are absolutely fab! and hearing Paint It Back 12 times in a row while the husband tried to learn Guitar Hero did not ruin it a bit... and that's it. Ooh, let's hear some Paint It Black, yes?

But there are songs like these and then... "Start Me Up?" and I don't know. I feel like I'm missing something. So okay, easy. Being a Beatle fan, I'll start there. Tell us, John.

And then there's this little bitty... CUTE. (John and Paul are singing background vocals)

So far, what it boils down to, I'm a Beatle fan. The Rolling Stones remain an odd enigma of which I have yet to break. I'm still in color-guard. But, I guess I don't feel so bad... Afterall, Mick's a fangirl too.

Totally accepting suggestions on the matter


Detta said...

while most of my heart belongs to the Beatles,i have a super huge chunk of it devoted to Mick Jagger.Music wise i'd pick the Beatles any day but i think i'm definitly a fan of both.People are like either die hard stones or die hard beatles and i think thats crazy.I mean I can appreciate both for what they are.And to me i wanna be your man is laughable...psh obviously the Beatles dominated that song...even if ringo sang it,hahaha!

Amy said...

Ha! One of my friends told me to get out of my Beatle bubble and then listen to their Greatest Hits while cleaning or something, osmosis it. I may try that.