Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pattie Boyd

INTERVIEWER: "Pattie, how does it feel to be the one girl that all the others envy because she’s got George?"
GEORGE: "Why don’t you ask me what it feels like to be the fellow that all the others envy because he’s got Pattie?"

Pattie Boyd.
My fave of the Beatle wives at Beatle time, though now my favorite Beatle wife is Olivia which means, George had good taste in the ladies.

A recap for anyone who doesn't know, George met Pattie on the set of A Hard Day's Night. They were smitten.

And though they were cute then, a couple years later, they were ADORABLE!!

But, All Things Must Pass.

George it's said got too into the LSD and Hinduism and Pattie, having given up a modeling career for George began feeling very alone. A rumored, or not so rumored as Pattie spoke of it in her book, affair between her and John Lennon took place and she began spending a LOT of time with George's BFF, Eric Clapton. Clapton fell head over heels and wrote a song for her. In being the good friend that he was though, he didn't want George to think he was writing songs for Mrs. Harrison, he called that little ditty "Layla". Pattie fell for Eric, divorced George who then fell in love with an American girl who worked the front desk at his production company. She called herself, Olivia and they had a son Dhani. Pattie married Eric in 1979 at which, George was the best man. I told you BFFs.

And then Pattie divorced Eric in '89 I think 'cause he was drinking and druggin'. So let's take a listen, yes? to some of the coolest songs evs written to one person. Lucky.

And, I don't know what is is with those Boyd women, but in India, Donovan became smitten with Pattie's sis, Jenny.

And he penned a little number, himself.

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