Sunday, January 19, 2014

If GI Joe is the Real American Hero and GI Joe "is there" then wherethe heck is he to help me out with this [expletive] party???

'Cause seriously.

So my almost 6 year old has been as Star Wars as a 5 year old can get for almost a year now. 

Star Wars books, Star Wars toys, Star Wars room, Star Wars curtains. Only drinking out of green straws "because only jedis are allowed to use green straws". He won't cut his hair because he wants "Luke Skywalker hair" 

which has now become Crystal Gayle hair

So when he told me he wanted a Star Wars birthday party six months ago, done deal, man. That nonsense was already stacked in my cart. 

Then a month ago happened. "Mom. Forget the Star Wars party. It must be a GI Joe party"


Except, I don't know crap about GI Joe. And not the Vin Diesel GI Joe but the cartoon from the 80s

I know we have the same birthday, but sorry dude. 

I don't know crap about this cop drama. When I was watching JEM, the boys of the land were watching this nonsense. And now I'm expected to incorporate these cartoon porn 'stashes in a 6 year old's birthday party with grace and Pinterest like skilllllzzzzzz. 

All I've found on the Pinterest are Army Parties. Okay, I can do this. Here's what I've got so far. I appreciate any and all ideas. And awards and accolades. 

For the invites, I got the idea from a wedding invite to do a Western Union telegram and the "I think I'm as good as Pinterest" lightbulb went off above me and I thought "Dog tags! Personalized dog tags and I'll add them to the invites!" Hahaha.

 So I ordered blank dog tags and metal stampers and steel plates to do the stamping because how hard could stamping names on dog tags be?! I'm sure not very. I have very unrealistic goals. 

So once all my materials arrived, I got to hammering and instagramming like any good mom would do.

Then the beer came out.

Tada!!! I'm so proud of how they turned out!!! 

Invites are done and before I even handed them out to the entire kindergarten, an invite came from another boy in the class for the same friggin' day. And that party has a video game truck so I have to step up my god dang game.

Party planning, like next level party planning. So, a piñata? It being an old school GI Joe theme, Party City is of little help but Pinterest makes me feel like making a piñata is totes easy. That will be its own blog entry, because swearing. So I'm planning on making a piñata with this Cobra Kai Commando symbol 

That's as cool as a video game truck, don't fool yourselves. 


Also since Video Game Truck upstager party is later in the afternoon than mine and also serving pizza, I have to put a lot more thought into food than I was planning. 

Stay tuned. This could turn out like a GI No party. 

If you have ideas, I would love to be clued in. 

Maybe this dj clown guy is available? 


UPDATE: The mom of the other party is so super sweet and cool about the whole thing, I can't even be mad about any of it.

GI Joe Pinata Part 1


Lubby De La Rosa said...

I've loved seeing your progress on this party. The invites are so cool (I would've loved getting a dog tag with an invite at that age). GI Joe does give far fewer party ideas than Star Wars. Also doesn't help that I don't think as many kids are in tune with it since it's not a current big fad. It's good since I think it gives you more room to play around. It sucks because there aren't too many ideas to work with.

You can try to work in more of the military theme, like how about goodie bags that look like MRE packs? I saw a few simple neat game ideas here:

Maybe do a team game where one side is Joe, one side is Cobra. I'm sure there are some kids that want to be baddies.

I think you can still have an edge over the video game party with fun activities and games. I may be wrong, but 6 year olds don't seem like huge hardcore video games unless it's Angry Birds or something. It seems they'd tire of the video games. Maybe that's just me since I never was huge into video games.

Good luck and looking forward to seeing your progress!

Amy said...

Great idea about the one side being GI joe and the other being cobra. I could make little cobra vests they could put on. Maybe if this super warm weather holds on a couple more weeks, I can do water balloon "grenades" and water guns too!!

And it's funny that you mentioned the MREs because I was JUST last night looking for MRE templates that I could print out on brown paper bags. I'm going to do like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and maybe turkey and cheese sandwiches. I'm also thinking about BBQing hotdogs and hamburgers and having beans and potato salad. I'm hoping to find the separated trays too!!

Amy said...

Oh! And thanks for the link!!!! I'm off to investigate