Monday, July 27, 2009

If I could Punk Rock, I would be a Shangri-La

I have long wished I was in a girl group. I used to joke that I wanted to be a Monkee so I wouldn't have to learn an instrument (I know, Monkee people, I know, I'll get to the talent of the Monkees in a later post). Problem is though, I can't really sing either. I suppose I could be in a punk band, just not too hard core and I don't want to have to wake up bloodied in vomit on a dirty floor somewhere with a safety pin through my nose. Which brings me to The Shangri-Las. Holy crap these girls were cool!
In 1964, the average American teenaged girl looked like this:

And here come these four girls, aged 15-17 from Queens who are wearing leather and singing about a biker boyfriend who DIES.

Even though they look a little Lavern and Shirley here,

They were tough, they were rumored to carry guns, they scared the guy groups they were on tour with. Earlier I said there were four of them and you only see three, right? Well one of the girls, she was even too cool to tour.

This is Mary Weiss, the lead singer. She's my favorite. She's totally awesome, right?!

I found a really cool blog while looking for stuff for this little spittle from my fangirl brain. Check it out. RAD!!!

And this song, Remember (Walking in the Sand) was in Goodfellas. It's tough.

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