Friday, July 24, 2009

Beatles First US Visit.

Must be that I'm in an early Beatles mood lately. Must be. Anyway, First US Visit is Fab, it's Gear, it's switched on. If you've never seen it, well, here you are. It's a documentary of literally their first visit to the U.S of A. February 7, 1964 they landed in New York and Beatlemania became official. This film is from the inside looking out on the craziness. While you watch this, you get the sense that it might not have been the music or the hair-styles that made them, it was just them. As a matter of fact, they had been turned down by all the major record labels and as a last resort, their manager, Brian Epstein took a demo to their eventual producer, George Martin who hated the demo, but decided to take a chance and meet them in person.

"The infamous first meeting began with a well timed comment (George Martin asked the Beatles what they thought of Parlophone, to which Beatle George replied, “I hate your tie”), which broke the ice, and set the stage for their future collaborations. Martin later noted that though he really liked John, Paul and George, he didn’t necessarily think they showed any signs of being great songwriters."
It was all about the charisma. And did they ever have it. So, enjoy.

Part One.

Part Two. (By the way, is that the beginning of Strawberry Fields that John is working out at about 8mins 30 in?!)

Part Three.
is missing. Hmm. Guess you'll have to go rent it to see it or something, anyhow,carry on.

Part Four. (This might be my fave one. Ringo's dancing, "Lingerie, Ladies' underwear, floor 12". My fave fans EVER roll out of the Women's Restroom at about 4:30. Oh, and then there's other fans, It's good stuff)

Part Five. ("George and John. Buddies and Pals")

Part Six.

Part Seven. ("Look, Ringo, I doon an abstract" Oh Paul.)

Part Eight.

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