Monday, July 7, 2014

Super Awesome Purse Sale!!

Remember how I'm trying to get some order into my life and my space? Well my sewing area is nonsense at all times. They say it's a sign of super creative genius stuff and not lazy slob stuff like you'd probably conclusion jump to if you come to my house and you're gonna be all judgy and stink eye about it. Relax yourselves. I'm clearly a creative genius, okay?

But my sewing area has hit new levels of out of control like I can't even handle it or shut the doors to the hutch that I hide it all behind when people come over. 

And do you know what's taking up a huge amount of space? Besides my fabric hoarding? My etsy stock. 

Time to unload this nonsense. So I'm offering it up to you, my friends, at a 20% discount. I was going to say for one week but it's my birthday month so ALL OF JULY. Why not? 

I've got your toddler purses

All ready to ship. Come to my etsy shop, and use the code 


and get 20% all July long. Yay!! For you and for me. 

I've also opened up shipping to all over the land so invite your international friends! And if you *are* my international friends, Hi!! 

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