Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My Mid Century Modern Obsession.

Now this shouldn't come as a big shock to anyone that knows me, but I'm kind of in love with everything Mid-Century Modern. Everything. This and that pesky time-travelling unavailability nonsense are the main reasons I probably can't live in the 40s- my favorite of all the decades. And The Beatles. I need Beatles.

 I also love Mad Men, obviously. Of course I do. So when Don and Megan moved into that apartment, oh my goodness.



The mirrored entryway with the planter

and that hanging lamp thing

are pretty much the best parts for me. And I kind of want to replicate them immediately.

Good thing there's pinterest....

Although I want this couch from The Dick Van Dyke Show

And the house from Bewitched.

I don't really think I'm asking too much here...
Although Tim the Tool Man Taylor blew the whole thing up, so maybe I need that time machine.
Or the I Dream of Jeannie house.
The fact that I'm probably not going to get these houses does little to stop my want.
And you know I'm going to try to make that lamp. And that mirrored planter entryway thing that the Draper's had? I could do that easy.
And I need a new couch.
And this for my tv.
Or maybe this.
I need this too.

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