Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Amy vs America's Housekeeping Book:Recap of my Living Room Cleaning. A.K.A.: Failure.

Well not complete failure. I got a good solid "Daily Clean" but not the "Weekly Clean" that I was looking for. 

I took care of the earth's living room today, okay? 'Cause I planted a tree. An orange tree with my neighbors and so also, I was giving back to my community and THAT COUNTS LAY OFF ME. 

Look at this cute little tree though!!!

And I can see it from my dirty living room window so, that counts. 

And as far as the living room goes, my sewing area is still ridiculous but I don't want to put stuff away that I'm still working on. 

But I did get a sweep in and a rug shake. And speaking of the rug, I feel pretty impressed with myself. The rug sits under the coffee table and Wally sits on the edge of the couch and pushes the rug and table into the middle of the living room several times a day and it bugs me to no end. So I took the rug and some silicone calking outside and got to work. 

Can you see that????

Just going to let that "cure" or whatever they call it and let's see Wally rearrange that bad boy. 

What's up for tomorrow? The Dining Room. I don't have a dining room so maybe I finish the living room. Or my sewing. Or this level on Candy Crush I can't move on from. 

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