Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Amy vs America's Housekeeping Book: The Living Room. Daily Schedule

I need to break this down into parts or I will never get through any of it. It's too much to deal with when I haven't been going at it consistantly for months, I have all these half finished and not even started sewing projects that people are waiting for, and I have a two year old under my feet the whole time. 

Excuses excuses. I know. But I am being honest when I tell you my woes, that should count for something. And I have to remind myself that it's my house and it's my project and I shouldn't feel guilty. 

I already make the bed most days and I keep up on the bathroom because I have to. 

Once I get everything properly cleaned, I will have time to do everything. Right now it's like trying to wax a car that just did some mud racing. 

So we're starting small. The Living Room.

Nailed it. 

Page 230. 


Daily Care

 1. Open windows top and bottom for free circulation of air. 

2. Pick up and replace small articles belonging in the room such as books, magazines, music, games, victrola records, cards, etc. 

3. Gather up on tray to take out: used ash trays, articles belonging in other rooms, plants or flowers to be tended. Collect trash in waste basket. 

4. Carry out tray.

5. Bring in cleaning equipment: hearthbroom (if not kept at fireplace), carpet sweeper or vacuum cleaner (according to need), dust mop, cleaning basket (page 142).

6. In season, clean out fireplace, lay fire, sweep hearth.

7. Dust high objects if necessary: mantels, high shelves, window frames and sills, tops of bookcases, secretary, highboys, etc. 

8. Dust radiator covers if necessary. 

9. Brush upholstery if necessary. Straighten covers. Plump up pillows.

10. Dust furniture and low objects if necessary. Treat stains or blemishes as they occur (page 187). 

11. Dust exposed wood flooring with dust mop if necessary. Use carpet sweeper or vacuum cleaner on rugs or carpets. 

12. Final touches: Straighten draperies, shades, curtains, etc. Take out cleaning equipment and waste basket. Return clean ash trays, accessories, flowers and waste basket. Close windows if desired. 

Weekly Care

One day each week additional care should be given the living room. 

1. Clear surfaces for dusting, removing magazines, covers, bric-a-brac, etc.

2. Collect lamp bases and globes, bric-a-brac, fireplace fittings, etc., that need washing or polishing. 

3. Bring in cleaning equipment: hearthbroom (if not kept at fireplace), vacuum cleaner and attachments, dust mop, cleaning basket (page 142), 2 bowls of clear warm water on tray. (At least two trips will be necessary.)

4. Brush ceilings (page 166) and walls (page 157) when necessary. Dust high mouldings, door and window frames, window shades and Venetian blinds (page 171) when necessary. Brush draperies (or use brush attachment of vacuum cleaner). Dust mirrors, pictures, lighting fixtures, lamps, woodwork; wash any of these articles if necessary (see index for page references).

5. Dust radiators (covers and coils) or registers (page 207); clean thoroughly when necessary. Brush baseboard or use brush attachment of vacuum cleaner. Dust book shelves and books as necessary (page 202). 
Wash windows when necessary. 

6. Remove cushions from upholstered furniture. Use brush attachment of vacuum cleaner on furniture (getting into all crevices) and cushions. Replace cushions. 

7. Dust furniture; rub wood surfaces to polish (page 187); apply wax or polish when necessary. For special care of furniture, see index for types.
Polish metal hardware if necessary. 
Wash glass table tops. 

8. For weekly or special care of each type of flooring, see index for types. 
Use vacuum cleaner for thorough cleaning of rugs and carpets (page 131).

9. Polish or wash accessories and return to place with other objects removed during cleaning. 

And then there's a whole section on Special Seasonal Jobs which will be another day. I don't have time for such malarkey. But here's a picture of the page if you want to see it. I'll do it soon, just not today. Sorry folks. 


Becky said...

This schedule makes my head spin. Godspeed my friend!

Amy said...

I've done exactly zero. Haha but I did plant a tree so, you're welcome, earth.