Thursday, April 3, 2014

Amy vs America's Housekeeping Book: Sewing

My homemaker schedule is completely off the rails. 

I'm not going to panic about that. Next week is a brand new week. 

Besides, I HAVE to do a sewing day today because that's how I make money and I have 3 people waiting for me to finish their things and many more custom orders on my never ending To-Do board. I wish this were a humblebrag. So a wedding sash for a wedding in June, two messenger bags (for a June birthday)  and a memory quilt that I was asked to do before Christmas have to take priority. 

Anyway. The kids' room didn't get done yesterday and the bathroom is covered in toothpaste and hair and has a strong urine odor lingering in the air. So that's part of my day probably too.

The husband, "Ward" is home this morning so I'm going to use the opportunity to hit up the fabric store ALOOONNNNEEEEE. Besides, shopping is part of the sewing day (Wednesday) and we're just pretending they meant Thursday and the fabric store. 

So in the meantime, drool over this set-up with me. 

One day.


Becky said...

That set up is crazy gorgeous and I don't even sew! One day, one day.

Amy said...

I love that there's a spot for the dress form, or "The Lady" if you talk to anyone in this house