Monday, March 31, 2014

Amy vs America's Housekeeping Book: The Bathroom

I live with boys and have been babysitting boys consistantly and wow. I know that we ladies get the business about leaving a ridiculous mess in the bathroom but at least we hit the toilet most of the time we pee. 

So the bathroom is where we begin our adventures. Let's see what our trusty book has to say. 

"Each member of the family should share in the responsibility of keeping the bathroom in spotless condition". 

Mm Hhhmmmmmmm. 

I'm going to print that on the toilet paper and have it monogrammed on all the towels.

So apparently I can just throw some kerosene in the tub and my tub ring troubles will be no more. 

I probably won't be using kerosene....

I will tell you that I went full force on the bathroom today before I reread this chapter and I did everything the way I normally would. And like I normally would, I got annoyed about 2/3 of the way through and had to push myself to finish the job. I still have stuff in the hallway waiting to be put back. Whatever, the floor's still damp from mopping and that's my excuse. I kind of really hate cleaning the bathroom but I hate having a dirty bathroom even more. And I LOVE having a clean bathroom. It still doesn't make me want to get down and dirty though. I remember from doing that 50's Housewife Challenge a few months ago that once the bathroom has been cleaned properly it's super easy to maintain the clean. I just haven't had as much time to do it and more people than usual using it and that's a crap combination. Also literally. 

So today, I didn't get it as spotless as I wanted to and I keep finding hairs stuck to stuff, but I know that when I wipe it down tomorrow, I'll get them. And I'll get more I missed the next day and so on. Clean cleans fast. 

That's my new life motto I'm trying to learn. 

So in my full steam ahead adventure, I didn't do anything the book advised, except that I wiped down the walls and the "washbasin" and the counter and the tub and the toilet and I changed the towels and I wiped down the mirror. I mopped. So I kind of did it, but it's Monday, and I'm supposed to mop on Tuesday and Friday and I ain't doing that again tomorrow. So Friday we might be back on board. Unless I'm totally over this by Friday. 

You guys will keep me on it. I know you will. You'll also forgive me when I fail. That's why we love each other. 

I also forgot to clean my bulbs. And my medicine cabinet. And my shower curtain. I'm doing laundry tomorrow so I'll put that in then. If I remember.
I did soak the kids' slimy, gross bath toys in vinegar and Palmolive and super hot water. 

It's the only thing I took a picture of. But they got some sun! 

I love how much this book tells you to put everything out in the sun. I've heard that sunlight kills germs or something and I don't know where I read that, if it's scientifically accurate, or if it's old wives' tale witchery. Either way, it can't hurt, and it's kind of cute advice. I suppose I could google it. Maybe I'll have an answer for you tomorrow. 

Alright, my floor is probably dry so I'm going to go put all my stuff back and change the towels even though it's not Wednesday or Saturday. I've screwed this thing up already. It's my first day.

What should I aim for tomorrow? Possibly the kitchen, but I'm going to look it up because there might be logic to the scheduling. Oh, but my living room floors are in sad, dirty shape. 

I would never have made it in the 50s. One day I'll be a real adult. Although there was no internet in the 50s (not for regular people anyway) so maybe I could've been a productive member of society with no internet. 


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