Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Am I Procrastinating or Just Really Organized?

I may be procrastinating. This may be an elaborate Inception like brain thing so that I don't actually have to clean my house.

BUT I just ordered this book!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited.

America's Housekeeping Book.

Don't tell my husband.

It's from 1941 or something and it tells you EVERYTHING you want to know.

I was trolling the web for cleaning tips with kids in the house.


No, but I'm serious. How the crap did the ladies back in the old days do it? I've got kids under my feet constantly, light saber fights that knock pictures off the wall, somebody is always hungry, they're pulling my pants down, knocking screens out of the windows, Et. Cet. Era.

How do I keep up my "Daily Chores" during all of this?

I guess the ladies of 50s just opened the front door and let the brats go and hoped for the best?

But you can't really do that these days, especially if you live in the city and your kids are under 5. You'd have Child Protective Services knocking at your door in half a day and THAT would cut into your cleaning time.

Plus, I kinda really like my kids and I'd like to see them alive again.

So the boot out the door is a no go.

But anyway, I came across this blog in my search for cleaning with kids bugging you. It's called Hallee The Homemaker and it looks really cute and I'm about to go back and read the whole thing (and waste more time not cleaning). I sense a religious theme, I don't really do the whole religion thing, but I'm interested in the rest of it. I can't wait!

SO! This is the second blog I've come across to talk about this America's Housekeeping book. The other one was here.

Mid Century Pink is the blog name and she's doing the 50's Housewife Experiment that Jen but Never Jenn blogged about here.

So the book! Look at this thing!!!!

I stole I mean borrowed this image from Hallee the Homemaker

Oh my goodness!! ! And check this page out.

I cannot wait! to get this book in my hot little hands. I'm going to gush all about it, I'm sure. Stay tuned!

Ah crap. The Beav woke up from his nap. I gotta wrap this up and get his lunch going. And now Wally won't stop talking to me about Angry Birds Star Wars. Ugh.

And I was going to clean the kitchen today.


EDIT: You know what I just noticed?!

Monday: Wash Day
Tuesday: Ironing Day
Wednesday: Sewing Day
Thursday: Market Day
Friday: Cleaning Day
Saturday: Baking Day
Sunday: Day of Rest

Today is Wednesday. Wednesday is sewing day. Check you suckas later.


Becky said...

Omg The Beav HAHAHA. Thank you for this excellent distraction from work. I'm so excited to see what the book is like!!

Amy said...

I feel like it has my answers to life in there.

Probably not.

But I'm so excited!!!!! And it was only $15 with shipping. Way worth it.