Friday, May 3, 2013

The 50's Housewife Experiment



Remember when I had a blog and I was real good at keeping up with it and stuff? Well, since then I went from having one kid to having two kids and now I can barely keep up with my Facebook addiction much less blog about cool stuff. Sad face indeed.

So I've gone from this happy lass

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to this


BUT, instead of finishing what I need to finish to get my etsy shop up and running, I'm writens a blog.

Because when Becky showed me this blog about a 50's Housewife Experiment holy moley I knew what I had to do.

I needed to pull my stockings up and clean my house. And then blog about it, of course.


Now, it took me about 4 hours that first day just to get through dusting my bedroom. I took a few "I Love Lucy" and Dr. Phil breaks, if we're honest. But I did it all, the ceiling fan, the pictures on the wall, all of it.

And being that I don't know when the last time I dusted was, it kind of looked like, at some point, my house might have been in the path of volcano ash.

So it's taken some time to get this to not seem like a big chore, and it's been like 2 weeks or something and still haven't tackled my kitchen BUT I've kept on it. Everyday I open all the windows, I air the farts out of the bed which is pretty much the technical term for pulling off all the covers and lettin' that baby breathe and then I take one of those really soft socks that I only have one left because of the dryer 


and I dust all my stuff which actually makes me want to get rid of about 90% of my things because, no one wants to dust a hoarder's house. And then I go into the bathroom, shake out the towels and refold them nicely, I wipe down the sink and little shelf thing above my toilet. And, because I live with 3 guys, two of them potty trained, I must COMPLETELY wipe down the entire toilet and surrounding wall and floor area with vinegar and a rag. Gross. So I do that, I sweep the floor and I empty the trash. 

Then I make the beds. 

And I scurry about the home like a little Cinderella that says swear words when she steps barefoot on legos. 


And you know what? I think I like it. Not the stepping on legos, but the routine. And I don't finish everything everyday but cleaning something that's clean is so much faster than cleaning something that's not clean. 

It's sounds so silly. Don't you judge me.  

And let me tell you when I KNEW I was onto something. Yesterday I had a surprise FIVE CHILDREN in my house at once. And as they walked in, my house was already clean. Not after they left mind you, but when the mom of 3 of them came into my home after my little "Don't mind the mess" speech, 

this was her face, I'm pretty sure

Worth it. 

So yeah. Awesome. Now if I could only figure out how to work a shower into the mix, we'd be golden, baby. 

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Becky said...

LOVED this!!! Your blogs are so good, please keep writing!! <3

Amy said...

I didn't even have to pay you to say that! Aw thanks, lady.