Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Want to Believe....but not be considered crazy and stuff.

Due to my huge mind-crush on Neil deGrasse Tyson and my thoughts that I could've been an astrophysicist if I'd put more effort into smarts and goals and less into collecting Beatles knowledge and posters, I came across this video.

It's about aliens, if they're out there and if we can hear their radio signals and all that. At first I was like, "Alright crazies. Go sleep on your loveseats and eat sunflower seeds and drink ice-tea, SETI, you Fox Mulder wannabes."

That's right, you heard me.

But! They're totally way cooler than my judgmental stink-eye gave them a minute to prove. Here's a link about the SETI Institute if you want to know more about them. You should click on it. Interesting stuff. In brief, they are looking into life outside our universe. Because really, it's INSANE to think that we are alone. It's naive, it's egotistical and just plain ridiculous. In my mind, anyway. And having said that, you now view me as this.

But I don't even worry about that though because, that dude Galileo? They laughed at his crap too, so- whatevs.

Now let me use this small window of your forgiveness to come clean. I've seen a UFO. 

I'll deny it later. 

It looked like this. 

But it wasn't in Santa Monica, and it wasn't on the ground, you sneaks. It was up in the sky and it hovered and then it flipped the way you imagine a UFO to be and then it shot off faster than fast. And then I went inside my house, tucked my head under my pillow and cried and taped my butt closed. I thought they were coming back for me. 

How old was I, you ask? Like 20. What's it to ya?! I know what I saw. 

So, where in my silly tale was I? Oh yeah, despite all of this, I don't believe in the whole AREA 51 crap. 

(Did that just get me put on an FBI list?) 

I don't believe in that whole Independence Day, MIB, ALF stuff. 

At least I don't think I do. I mean, if it were true, and the government knew about it, wouldn't they put more money into space research? Because I think that's not happening. And wouldn't there be a lot more interest in wormholes and all that? 

And if they do live among us, these aliens, why aren't they immediately exploded or crushed or killed by the atmosphere/ gravity/ bacteria of Earth? It doesn't make any sense. And how- in this sky that is so heavily guarded by everyone looking for a war fight, how do we as a human race not see one of these metal beasts coming? 

So if I don't believe aliens have visited us, how do I explain the UFO that I saw? Because I did see it. There's not a doubt in my soul that it was a UFO. And I'm not the only one. (Badum bum) 

“On August 23rd, at 9 o’clock, I saw a U.F.O. – J.L.”

And if wormholes and all that jazz do exist, I'm using you as my constant. (Silly LOST reference. Pardon my fangirl moment.) 

When that SETI business actually pans into something real, what then? Or if that UFO I saw really turns out to be real, what then? Because none of us knows. 

But what then? Because even if we do figure out that those shiny things in the sky were made by Greg Brady in his kicky, attic bedroom and that the tugging on the edges of the universe is just some grandmother somewhere working on her knitting, what does it really matter? Does it change us? I mean, I guess it changed for all those flat-world believers, right? 

And maybe the idea that the universe is a flat plane with edges to tug doesn't make sense. Maybe it's a round thing. And maybe it's just bouncing. And maybe it's just an atom in a cell in a plant under the ocean. 

Okay, that's enough for my little brain for now. It hurts. How's about some Kids in the Hall?

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