Thursday, April 22, 2010

Where is that special someone to stop me when I'm about to post something like this.

Hunk. YES!!! This is exactly my life story! I don't even need to write it anymore because it was already written for me in 1987. Or maybe earlier, probably.  Hot!!!

I cannot be the only one to have ever seen this movie. It's on imdb for goodness sakes. (And it has a wiki and an AllMovie overview. So there. Pssh.)

Although, when you look at the imdb, there's only one memorable quote.

Hunk Golden: I finally meet a beautiful woman and she wants me to bomb Pearl Harbor. Talk about romantic. 

Whatever, that's deep.

Anyway, this awesome film is about some nerd dude who strikes a deal with the devil and becomes HUNK hot. Hunk Golden, actually.

Mayhem goes down. Mayhem ALWAYS goes down when you strike deals with the devil. He wants your soul and who can fight the devil? He bought it, dude. Say "hasta luega, soul and also devil who has my soul" 'cause that thing is an Eternal Flame.

Trailor, anyone? Yeah, well, I can't find it. Word of warning though- when looking for it on youtube (as I know you want to do) prepare yourself for porn, 'cause... well, porn pops up. If that's your gig, you're welcome. My devil work is done.

I told you this was my life story!

So in leu of a Hunk trailer, here's Eternal Flame.

Again, you're welcome.

Is the "HUNK" license plate available yet?

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