Sunday, August 16, 2009


In case you have been living under a rock, or aren't as hardcore insane as I am, then you prob don't know that today marks the 32nd anniversary of Elvis Presley dying on a toilet. Sadly, when most people think of Elvis, they think of "Velvet Elvis"
and "Viva Las Vegas" Elvis.
And Elvis impersonators
And ... these people.
But the Elvis I think of first is him.
The sweet Elvis. Elvis before the boozin' and pillin' and beatin' and tv shootin' and Nixon cahootin'
I think of fun Elvis, Blue Hawaii Elvis.
Live A Little, Love A Little Elvis.
I like to think of the Elvis that walked into Sun Studios to record a song for his mother, Gladys.
I heart Elvis.
RIP Elvis Aron Presley. (Jan 8, 1935 - Aug 16, 1977)

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