Sunday, May 23, 2010

LOST and busting out my inner Party of Five emotions.

So my heart is breaking at break fast speeds because the final ever EVER episode of LOST is a mere hours away.

And that logo will swoop over the screen for the very last time and that swoosh will swoosh for the very last time and I'll sob. I know I'll sob. 

Someone, somewhere asked the question - If you could have a MILLION dollars but could never know that outcome of LOST, would you take it? and at the time I was like "eff that!" but now-now I want the money because if I never see the ending then it never ends, right? 

Oh my goodness, I'm clearly not thinking clearly. 

I feel like Jack Shephard in the Season 3 finale. 

Oh, thanks for reminding me, Jack. Here's what I'm gonna need. A drink and an old cell phone. And a beard. And a band-aid. I'm all hooked up on the stained wife-beater and the sweaty face. 

Okay, because I can't let go, here's some random LOST I've pulled off the internet. Because that's what you do when you've been broken up with-- you act like an obsessive idiot. 

Here we go! Feel free to cry with me and add along. Or write a blog yourself but you have promise to share with me. 

I stole this from here

Will the end of LOST kill me as much as this did?! Because I don't think I can take it. "But let's face it Charlie. You're gonna die"

Oh, Charlie Pace. You were my FAVE!!!! 

And AW, Desmond! 

Which brings me to Daniel Faraday - I hated you, Dude and then I loved you. And then you died, but then came back and I'm so scared that I will never see you again! 

Oh silly LOST. 

And now I just found out that once Dodger pitcher Jose Lima has just died. My heart aches!

Being crazy at LAX - The late, the hilarious Lima Time! 

Today is too much. 

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