Saturday, February 13, 2010

We love you Beatles, oh yes we do. We love you Beatles, and we'll be true.

Believe it or not, I've been busy today! Okay, not really, but all up in the tweets and Beatles there has been some action and I feel the need to defend myself. And this is what I'm doing on my Saturday night before the Valentine's Day. Blogging and watching Goodfellas. Oh, and defending my honor. 

Rise up my fellow fangirls.

And yes, no longer confined to facebook, the drama has found it's way to twitter. All H1N1 like.

It's not real drama, but it's enough to give me a little stink eye. It's enough to make me panic. It's enough to make me want to defend my fangirl ways. It's enough to make me want to defend ALL of our fangirl ways.

I don't want to be a fangirl. I didn't set out to be a fangirl. It's what I am. So I embrace it. I enjoy it.

You're probably wondering where all of this is coming from. "Where's the fire, Amy?" I know. Okay, my tweep @BeatlesLane got "all up in arms" yesterday about the fangirls (not really, but for dramatic effect he was in arms. All up). And he's right, he really is, but I took it personally. Like every thing else that's probably not about me. Perhaps 'cause I am a woman/ girl. Anyway, he tweets this:

"It's kind of sad (and/or annoying) that a lot of women/girls seem to like The Beatles for a much different reason than us guys like them for."

And I go like this:

Then  he wrote a blog to expand his thoughts. And I get it. I do. And I'm fascinated to hear the male perspective- any perspective other than my own- on the greatest band to ever live.

But here's how it boils down. THEY WERE HOT! It's no jokes.

They were hot. They were sexy. They were smart. They were witty. They were musicians. They were entertainers. They were the greatest thing in the history of modern music. Them being "hot" isn't going to take that away for me. And it's crazy fans like me that made them as big as they were- as big as they are. Fans like me enabled them to be catapulted as far as they went. That's a fact.  And I'm not gonna pretend that I wouldn't have been one of them. One of the screaming, ear-pulling crazies.

I would've been one of them. I am one of them.

Yes. I do know the history of The Beatles.

Yes, I do like their music more than anything else world-wide.

And yes. I do like looking at pictures of The Beatles. I like reading everything about The Beatles. I like listening to everything about, for and by The Beatles. And that doesn't make me just a fangirl.

I like everything about The Beatles that you like, but being a fangirl gives me, and the rest of us an extra edge on the rest of you. We get to swoon about them as well as all the other stuff. Total extra edge.

Now, I didn't write this for anyone to get all down on @BeatlesLane 'cause he's a really cool dude and he has a point. I just needed to bring up the other side. We're not bad people. We're pretty awesome actually.

It feels like as good a time as any for this. Yes?

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