Thursday, February 11, 2010

Those snarky Starkeys.

Two things of great note in my life have happened in two days of each other. First off, Monday was Ringo's star getting. YAY RINGO!!!

More on that later.

On to more pressing matters. Zak Starkey.

Did anybody watch that football thingy on Sunday? Well, I drifted in and out of boredom / living room and when I was near the television, I saw a couple of commercials that were not to the hilarity standards that I expect my Superbowl commercials to be. So the fact that I even caught The Who during half-time is amazing in itself. The fact that I am now, several days later still thinking about Zak Starkey, of all people, is blowing my mind. 

For those TWO people that are reading this (and I say two so that I feel like I'm popular, as opposed to the real number of "just me") who may not  have a weird Beatle son obsession like I do, might be unfamiliar with this guy.

Now, I feel guilty admitting that Ringo's never been my fave Beatle and at times, I've even sworn to like Jimmy Nicol more, (he was a filler-in for Ringo once). And in that, all things Ringo have been passed by for the glitz, the glamour and the sexiness of the others. I mean... you know?

So, Ringo, I'm sorry for my selfish, shallow, fangirl ways.  And really soon I will break away from the above picture, from gazing into Paul McCartney's face and get back on with this post... and George. And John... sigh. Oh yeah, Ringo.

So this Ringo fellow has a son named Zak.

Zak grows up all drummer like and rockstar with rockstar hair and that's all I knew about him. I knew he was in Oasis for a bit. I knew he drummed with The Who. But who could have imagined that he would, on drums, overshadow The Who at the Superbowl in front of millions of people?! The drummer- a man most people haven't heard of- overshadowing a band that most people have. Amazing. And SO amazing because, unlike all the other Beatle kids, Zak doesn't have a "Beatle" name to carry him. I mean, you have to be really gone to have never heard the names "Lennon" or McCartney" and, though a little less famous to the peeps outside of my world, it's completely unforgivable to have never heard of "Harrison", but there are even casual Beatles fans that don't know Ringo's real name so "Starkey" doesn't hold much weight.

Zak is just totally awesome!

And a really good drummer. His form is just so amazing! If you watch his dad, it looks as though the drums are swallowing him and he's fighting his way out of it. Zak owns his drums. That's not to say anything about Ringo's drumming. I've played and failed Beatle Rockband. That's real life, man. Ringo is tough. Examples, yes?

I know, pictures aren't doing justice to what I'm talking about. Just trust me. Oh, okay. And videos. Videos will show you. Then you'll trust me forever. And ever. Does that scare you?

Links first. Then winks. Then videos.

Ringo's awesome star gettin'.
Zak's wiki-ness
reviews on Zak's Superbowl awesomeness.

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