Thursday, November 12, 2009

facebook brings the crazy!

I'll make this quick because I'm not here to get all deep and talk smart stuff. I'm here to ogle and swoon. However, I feel like this whole business of the facebooks is busting my skull open and it causes.... angst and almost a hatred, to be quite honest. So rather than go off in a status update as I'm so wont to do, I've chose to blog it, 'cause that's much less passive-aggressive. =D

I never felt this hate and rage with myspace. I've felt lonely, but never passive-aggressive with the 'space. And twitter, no passive-aggressive feelings there either. That's more a glimpse into a person's window, stalker-like, and way encouraged- and if you start to get all annoyed with somebody and her egomaniacal self-adoration, you just stop following her. (Or him. Not that I have someone in mind at ALL ::evil smirk::) No hard feelings when you're no longer "a follower". Not so, my friends, with the facebooks.

The beauty in both myspace and twitter is that you're flying solo. "Nothing you can see that isn't shown". Facebook is some sort of All My Children meets Melrose Place- and peeps bring their game, believe you me. Now in that comes the other problem. Myspace, being so 3 years ago, I sign in over there maybe once every 12 or so days. I sign into twitter once every 12 or so hours. I sign into facebook once every 12 or so minutes. Or seconds.  So I am on constant bombardment of the drahms. It's my own fault, I do know, but I am not immune to the annoyance even so.

People post at will the insanity that runs through their mind, most of it HILARIOUS! and entertaining, some of it TMI. People post pictures of their parties or trips. I love that. People post pictures of their kids and pets. ADORE!!! People will post pictures of their food. That's disgusting. And in the case of one of my friends yesterday, there are people who will post a picture of a chef kissing the severed head of a pig that was once a pet, merely to get under the skins of some vegetarians that annoyed this person at a party. (And you think you're not a snob?) That kind of action is enough to get you "hidden", although, I don't hide people for fear that I might miss out on something awesome and spectacular. And that is, once again, my own fault, because apparently all the awesome and spectacular involve ... well... that. I also realize that the very mention of any of this is hypocritical because I status up about 14 times a day and I'm sure that my immature rantings and swoonings of all and everything Beatle drive people to drink. Or hide me. Or in the case of the sister of a girl that I've known since we were two years old, my BFF  all through elementary and Jr High, this BFF's sister, whom I've also had the pleasure to know for just as long, defriended me just as quick as she friended me with not so much as a "howdoyado?" AWESOME. I'm looking right at you, "Madame S". You know what you've done.

Perhaps I'm mad at "Madam S" because she had the guts to do what I'm here moaning about in this very blog, and it was done to me, let's not forget. And it probably didn't even take guts. She probably just read "BeatleRockBandPaulMcCartney" 50 times, rapid-fire and thought "And we're done here *defriend*". So is it right to shoot mind daggers at her? Yes, because, how dare you defriend me. I am Queen Of All and you should worship my unpolished toes! Or maybe not, but I'm really nice and I'm full of love and goodness, spices and sugars. And you hurt my feelings. :'(

Not to mention, I take EVERYTHING as a personal attack. I don't know why, exactly, but every negative, mean rant I take as a punch in the neck.  And it makes me want to punch you back. And then cry in the corner for a day. And then make up and forget it ever happened.

So what started this today was a stat-up I saw this morning when I woke up and hoped it wasn't directed at me (I'd like to think it was directed at the pig picture, but they're not friends).

Oh gawd! I'm this close to offing myself from facebook, some of you people make me want to puke. --sorry,just being real. 9 hours ago - anon facebook friend. 

OMG have I felt this way everyday, although I bite my fingers so as not to type it, but facebook friend, I'm with you!! There's talk of a friend culling though and I hope I pass the audition. I don't think the self-worth can take another round of dismissal. 

So what I've learned here today, though, facebook has made me love and respect many more people than it's made me hate, I feel contempt for a small portion of you that I never would've before simply because I can't take the complaining and over-confidence, the bragging or the "nobody loves me" crap any longer. But I do. I don't want to miss out on anything or make anyone feel inferior because I've culled and defriended. I just like knowing that I can.  (Oh, and fyi btw, I'm also totally annoyed by people who can't bother to respond back. You're RUDE.) 

I could NEVER have fit that into 140 characters. 

For some more pass-aggress laughs, 

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Thank you and good day. 


Detta said...

See facebook drives normal non self indulgent CRAZY!I totally understand exaxctly what you mean and i applaud you for not hiding people.

P.s.Thanks for the shout out,haha:)

Amy said...

Hey, no problem! <3 I dig your blog!

There are two peeps in particular that - and they don't even post very often at all, but when they do, OOH! I hate them! 'cause I know they think they're better than me. LOL. That's ridiculous outside of my brain. Those people, I should hide those people. .. I still won't though.

HA! Maybe I'm the crazy in this senario.