Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Last night I was incepted into meeting John Lennon. And picking pillows up off the streets. And running like a Tony Little.

Story time with Amy! 

I was riding in the car with my mom (I think she was driving) and we were on city streets, streets I can't say I've ever been on before, but dirty trucks, buildings, alleyways, that sort of thing. We were behind a truck that had boxes piled up in the back of it. Every time the truck hit a bump, the boxes would shift and pillows would fall out, one at a time into the street and we would run over them. Brand new pillows! And I was telling my mom that I should grab a few of them because they were expensive, good pillows. I knew because of all the slaving away (telling people what to do) I did at Linens -N- Things for all those years. 

(We had cake fights)(And flabby upper arms)

The truck stopped and so did we. A blonde woman got out of the truck and my mom told her she was losing expensive pillows out the back of the truck. Dirty Do-gooder! So I offered to go retrieve some of them, hoping that I could hide one of those real good memory foam/gel ones for myself. Those things are like 100 bucks! So I was running REALLY FAST! Like I was a gazelle or something! Or on a Gazelle.

But it didn't seem too fast at the time. Anyway, I found a bunch of greasy foam bits but no pillows. I kept running and then I was like AHA! I remember! and I kept running, brushed off a dude selling something at a cart by telling him "Not now. I'm on a mission",

I was very serious-like. I ran into Hot Topic. It was more calm and chill in there than your typical Hot Topic. It was like a Warm Topic. Anyway, I thought, "Ooh, screw the pillows, I'm gonna chill out here for a little while and pick me up some tunes" and then I stopped with thought. "John Lennon runs this joint, I should just walk up to him and say hi like @ElnorYann from the twitters said she did. I could meet a real honest Beatle" thought I. So I turned around and there he was, full on denim suit, denim hat


and there was Yoko just doing paperwork, never looking up. John was standing on something that made him VERY tall. I looked at him from crotch level, through the papers he was holding and I cleared my throat.

"Hey, um, can I shake your hand? I admire you a whole lot and-"

"Uh, oh yeah, yeah. There you go."


Then he went back to his papers. So I grabbed my guts and my iPhone complete with pink rubber cover.

"Will you take a picture with me?"

He looked at Yoko who shook her head at him.

"Yeah sure, let's go over here I guess" he mumbled. I think I was bothering him but he was still polite. I asked a lady to take our picture and I was trying to set up the camera on the phone and I couldn't find the camera app. PANIC! John made some snarky comment that I can't remember now because my brain is clearly against me and would rather remember pillows than a conversation with a Beatle. And so I put my head against his chest/shoulder and nervously laughing said "I'll find it, I'll find it! Please don't leave me John. I'll fin-" and then I woke up.



Lennon Ray said...


I don't know what's more awesome, John owning Hot Topic or you running like Tony Little to catch those pillows LOL

This made myday SL! :)

Amy said...

AWWWW!!!! Haha.

And I am clearly NOT jealous in ANY WAY that you've met a couple of Beatles and it's clearly not playing out in my dreams either.

Oh Secret Lover, I must stalk you. I MUST.