Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Beatles OBSESSION part 1.


The Beatles. Quite truly the most of the most, and yet, very much so underrated. I know, you think I'm insane for even thinking such a thing, but it is true you know. Pick up a copy of "Live At The BBC" It's sweaty, and it's good.

It's a two disk set of Rock and Friggin' Roll. Listen to it. It's like this underground, sweaty band. You feel like one of the only peeps in the world that has ever heard of this band. Same with Anthology 1 Disk 1. I'm serious. Maybe that's what made them so... tops, so relatable. They made it seem so easy. You always felt that you could form a band called "Manhands" and do it, too, even though you never could. Or maybe that part was just me. Anyway, that's what I've been geeking on recently.

So no, this isn't even CLOSE to the first of the Beatle blog posts I will make, but it may be the most rational. I leave you with that. And this. =) All of these songs are from "Live at the BBC". Good, right?


Ben K said...

There are no pointless blogs, only pointless sequels (yes, I'm taking about Transformers 2). I can only imagine how excited you are for this September.

Amy said...

I am STOKED for this September. September 9th to be exact. Beatles Rock Band! AND the digital catalogue. I think there is something else too that I'm forgetting because whenever I mention Beatle Rock Band my mind turns to mush!

You HATED Transformers 2. I never even saw the first one, should I bother with that even?