Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hey! You've Got to Hide Your Love Away

Don't tell me I don't know John Lennon's struggle.

So the other day, the glass started falling out of my iphone. I broke it with my face taking selfies or something so I had to take it in to the Apple Store for emergency surgery. 

Do you know how terrifying it is to turn your phone over to someone when this is your camera roll? 

Yes, that is Harry Styles. Yes, he is in that One Direction Boy Band. Yes, I am 38. 

I completely understand, you don't have to sit there and snicker at me okay, Judge Judy? And before you get all up in a tizz, let me break some of this down. 

I am a fangirl. I likely always will be. I am an embarrassment to myself and everyone who knows me and again, likely always will be. 

I don't listen to their music. I barely knew who they were, but I watch TMZ so I had definitely heard of Harry Styles. And he looked like this. 

Thanks no thanks. Enjoy your Seventeen Magazine status, little boy. 

So why now is THIS showing up on my internet and confusing my brain?!

Who have you become you hot little rocker man? With your tattoos and bun that looks way better than mine picking out pumpkins in Los Angeles?

Stumbling down the streets of Hollywood possibly drunk and then puking the next morning on the side of the 101???? 

Like I can't even.


He's British, he's a rock star (debatably?) he looks like a rock star though so, yes. He's out partying like a rock star and he may or may not be secretly gay. Hits all of my checkpoints. 

I am coming out of my Harry Styles closet. 

And since we're being honest with each other, I may have also watched their little movie thing called This Is Us because I might also be crushing on Louis Tomlinson, also of One Direction. 


Be prepared because I do plan on writing a whole post on This Is Us but it will probably be way less embarrassing to my family name so, seperate post.  

Please Universe, let One Direction break up so I can love Harry and Louis in the open without the boy band stigma like I can with Justin Timberlake. 

That would be fantastic. 

N'Sync was a really good group.

UPDATE: Update with an additional picture of Louis so you know that I'm not crazy.



silentmekare said...

man their cute. i stand by you as always ams. i will always be a fangirl.

Amy said...

Don't ever leave me. I may be shunned from the community soon and I'll need someone to bring me coffees and remind me to shower.

silentmekare said...

don't i do that all the time? kidding. and believe me it'll just be you and me but we can look at larry stuffs and be happy.

Amy said...

I have no problem with this plan. Clear your Saturday. It is on.